View Full Version : What can EM do to restore the trust of players?

16th Jun 2015, 22:57
I ask this because it's clear as day that the Director's Cut was falsely advertised (no smartglass function), the guns in the PS3 version sounded like 2kbps mp3s and the texture issues on the PC are just plain bananas. So I just finished watching the new trailer with gameplay and it looks good but a part of me just couldn't shake the Director's Cut debacle. I can't put my money behind a company that willfully releases a broken product and gives the customers the middle finger in an indirect way (by taking the money and not saying anything about a patch.) Will I, as a consumer, be subjected to this type of mistreatment with the new game? What steps have you taken to resolve this issue? I want to enjoy this game, I do, but it all goes back to standards and based on past performances, I don't know about EM.

And I want to ask these questions in the "Ask the Devs" thread and podcasts but i don't think they will take this type of question and address it in a way that shows they're really invested to rectifying their wrongs so I'm posting it here to start a discussion and hopefully the devs end up reading it.