View Full Version : ABILITIES Stopping Power

10th Aug 2014, 00:45
I have noticed some Ability stats have +5% Stopping Power Resist/-5% Stopping Power Resist. I was wondering if anyone had an idea of what this does?

10th Aug 2014, 06:46
I'm not sure but it might decrease the cc, like knockback or knockdown or even the time you get carried by abduct/kidnap...not sure though

10th Aug 2014, 12:50
If you noticed when you get hit by several attacks or high damage one your character staggers backwards, this bonus shortens that stagger animation.

10th Aug 2014, 13:07
I could be wrong here, this stuff isn't really explained anywhere, and I would love an official explanation of it all as well! I believe it is "Stun Resist" that shortens the duration/animation of knockdowns, knockbacks, staggers, stuns, etc.

Stopping Power is something every attack naturally has, that slows you down. If a Vampire is running towards a Hunter and the Hunter is spraying the Vampire with his bolts, the bolts are applying "stopping power" and slowing the Vampire down (he'll reach the Hunter slower). Every default attack and ability applies a different amount of "Stopping power" I believe, for example a Scout's charged shot has a lot of "stopping power" behind it.

10th Aug 2014, 14:21
Every human attack has stopping power. Certain ones have more than others. Massive stopping power (Like the storm bow had a few months ago) will stop abilities cold in their tracks. However, most of the time they just slow down the vampire and slightly decrease range. What's bothering some players is that it's not listed in stats, so quantitatively for attacks, currently we can only guess.

10th Aug 2014, 15:08
My guess that Stopping Power is measured in damage, e.g. each ability (and heavy melee) has stopping power threshold at 250 damage (its been confirmed). Each buff and debuff change this threshold by +-5% which equals ~13 dmg. The change is insignificant yes, just as all other are.

Kind of similar thing exists on the human side too - it is called Stun resist. This value equals to the time of being stunned (measured in seconds).