View Full Version : FF Type-0HD: Playable demo for XV code won't work.

16th Jun 2015, 08:41
Hi guys,

I bought the Limited Edition Final Fantasy Type-0 game last week (EB Games Australia), and although it comes with the code, I tried to redeem it last night and it says that it's been claimed already. WTaF? I paid $90 for this game and only just installed it, as I was busy playing FFX-HD :( .

Do Square staff monitor this forum? Would they be so kind as to give a FF fan a spare code? Can I give them screenshots of my game/PS4 Library/code to prove that I haven't already claimed it? It would be nice to know when my code was claimed, probably some little turd staff member at the store no doubt.


16th Jun 2015, 21:39
I guess u got a trade back one (so the code is used) since as I remember when I got it from EB AU it was 200$ (Preordered)
So u should contact SE directly to see what they can do for your case.

21st Aug 2015, 18:31
You need to contact EB Games about this matter. Explain that the code was already used when you tried to register it.