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16th Jun 2015, 03:50
More private match settings:
First of all there should be a possibility for a private match to change some of the game settings, because I think some things are quite good for casual/unranked games but they should not be used in ranked games/esl/scrims.
These options should be available while ingame via console or GUI-menu so the game can be restarted/paused/etc by the match creator.

Change deathcam:
In team games and especially in competitive games teams are always using voice communication, and right now a killed player is able to tell his mates every single movement the killer does until he respawns. It does not really matter in casual games but for ranked or esl games this is a no-go in my opinion. F.e. deceiver killed one, he cant switch position or use disguise without the other team knowing about this.

suggestion: Instead of following the killer, the cam should just follow a teammate or
drop down to the floor and stay at this point (my favorite for unranked games) or
just turn black (my favorite for ranked games).

And maybe an option for private matches to select a deathcam type if multiple cams are available

Remove RNGs from forge:
At matchstart both teams should have exactly the same chance to win, otherwise it's not really competitive.
So a top team should have no advantage against a newcomer team except their experience.
With the RNG used in the forge system, the large amount of blood that is needed to enchant your weapons and reroll the stats (if you are not lucky) and this low drop rate for blood vials, teams with 1000s of hours playtime will always have a technical advantage against newcomer. Just because they got much more blood and gold and could enchant/reroll all their weapons and abilities as often as they wanted. It's like play2win, and when the crafting materials become purchaseable for runestones, it's payOrPlay2win. In top level matches the winner should be the team which made the better decisions (classes/skills/perks/tactics) and played a better game and not the team with better equipment.

suggestion: A player can select a positive and a negative stat as well as the values. For positive abilities higher values and for negative abilities lower values cost more ressources/gold.

By reaching level 50 a player should theoretical be able to have one 'perfect' setup for every class, so he should get gold and materials for leveling up. The total amount of gold and materials the player gets for leveling should be the same amount needed to buy one weapon/special attack, one primary and one secondary attack for each class plus the enchanting costs (at max values) for each of these.

Improve noscam:
The noscam in this state right now is kind of useless.
The missing things are: score, time, healthbars, damage values
In the players view you do not see what the player saw -> different perspective, no minimap, no ammo, no abilities

It would be nice to have a x-ray function like counterstrike, especially for esl streams.
There should be an option to color the humans and vampires (eg. humans orange, vampires blue) to see them better in topdown view, also nice for esl streams.