View Full Version : Remove defaults from inventory

16th Jun 2015, 01:44
I do not see why the default skins, executions, and even no booster need to show up in the inventory. It really clutters it up and makes it harder to look through.

16th Jun 2015, 09:18
It gets even worse when you have duplicates of them in your inventory too. I have two of everything for the default classes plus Scout, Sentinel, and Summoner. Plus the daily perk shows up twice in my inventory (for both vamps and humans), plus the 'no booster' icon. I also ended up with duplicate alpha banners and the summoner evolved skin, but I figured I'd just trade those dupes when trading is implemented.

All the same, there isn't really a point in showing defaults in the inventory. They could probably just hide a lot of them and be fine. Plus class unlock tokens really don't need to take up a spot either. Not to mention they could just stack duplicate items like boosters and name tags.

Got a bit ahead of myself there, sorry. Yes, defaults could be removed with no problems.

16th Jun 2015, 19:08
Defaults have to be there so you can access them, obviously...'No Booster' is kind of ridiculous as an entire item though.

The whole inventory needs an overhaul. Sorting tabs and mass-delete options.