View Full Version : Square Enix North America Localize Dragon Quest VII for Nintendo 3DS, Dragon Quest X

16th Jun 2015, 01:15
Dear Square Enix North America, Please localize Dragon Quest VII for Nintendo 3DS and Dragon Quest X for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and PC

16th Jun 2015, 13:18
And Dragon Quest VIII, Dragon Quest Monsters 3D, Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3D, Rocket Slime 2 and Theatrhythm Dragon Quest (all for 3DS)

19th Jun 2015, 19:02
I would be fine with them leaving Dragon Quest X untranslated for the sole reason that it doesn't have a strong a enough following to make a truly diverse, player heavy world for online play. The other games though I wish they would just announce a big yes or no, or do a Kickstarter like Sony did for Shenmue 3 to gauge the interest for each game before they sunk money into translating it. I would also love it if they would partner with Nintendo to help localize all the 3DS titles.

24th Jun 2015, 19:18
DQX would do fine if they stuck to just one or two versions (Wii U and PC, maybe) and really hyped it up. Especially on Wii U, where it would be the system's first and only big MMORPG in the West. But that would require a modicum of sense and ambition, which Square-Enix doesn't have.

25th Jul 2015, 21:47
I really hate that Square-enix is being silent on whether they are going to bring this over or any other DQ game. At this point I am not purchasing any more Square-enix games. I'm tired of waiting for an announcement on whether it will be release or will not. If there is no announcement no way or the other by the time DQ Heroes comes out in the US, I will be done with supporting and purchasing Square-enix games and will spend my gaming budget elsewhere.

TLDR: Stop leaving fans hanging and announce whether DQVII 3DS will be making it to NA, before you lose fans to companies that seem to be more communicative.

26th Jul 2015, 01:51
My own "no Dragon Quest, no business" boycott of all things from Square-Enix has been going strong for like 2 years now.

28th Jul 2015, 20:48
Well then, allow me to conciliate your misadventure.



Sources, Sources, Sources!

29th Jul 2015, 21:52
I believe in Horii, but SE denied they were coming after the internet exploded with these news.

30th Jul 2015, 02:18
Avaiable now in the West, Dragon quest VIII for Android and IOS.


30th Jul 2015, 11:24
We have DQ I to VI and VIII on Android and iOS (VII should be coming to some months after its released in Japan), but that's not new... DQVIII has been out for a loong time, i don't get what you mean by "available now" :/

31st Jul 2015, 03:35
I understand, it may not be the format most people would name as their first choice in gaming platform.

i must capitulate and state the obvious it is avalable to purchase, as we qualify and quantify our individual statements.

Consolingly and trollingly yours,
Cid Steiner

1st Aug 2015, 10:29
I wasn't talking about that, i was saying your statement wasn't news because its been available for months :/

1st Aug 2015, 20:08
Have you purchased a copy?
i state the obvious when i say that SquareEnix is partially taking those sales figures as an indicator of the fan base.

The Foul Mouthed Maniac

3rd Aug 2015, 23:26
I personally have owned Dragon Quest 1,2,3,7,8 i cherish them all.