View Full Version : Suggestion: Loadout Overview

15th Jun 2015, 14:08
With all the possible stats that can be added via the forge, I think we could use some kind of overview for a choosen loadout.
(Numbers to rate the usefulness of stats)

To clarify:

Alchemist with Fullbore, Light Bomb and Fire Wall (Perk: Cooldown reduction).

Fullbore: -5% All Cooldowns / -10% Stun Resist ; +3% Sprintspeed / -15% Health from supply stations
Light Bomb: -10% Cooldown / -1% Move speed
Fire Wall: -10% Cooldown / -1% Move speed

So after I did the math, the Cooldowns for both Light Bomb and Firewall has been lowered bei 25%.

Lightbomb: 15*0.25 = 3.75 -> New Cooldown 11.25 (The game always rounds up so its 12...)
[Wich means that the -5% Cooldown on the Fullbore is irrelevant: 15*0.20= 3 -> New Cooldown still 12]

Firewall: New Cooldown 15 with Fullbore stat 16 without Fullbore stat (here is a clear difference)

-15% Health from supply stations
In a test my Alchemist got without this stat 787 Health back so with this stat it would be 668.95 = 669 health.

Well all this can be done by a bit testing and a calculator, BUT I have no way of finding out how much the -10% Stun resist or the -2% Move speed affect my stats. I have no idea how stun resist is calculated so I will skip that for now.

But the Move speed could easily be explained in m/s.
Normal Move speed = (random number) 12m/s -> New Move speed = 11.76
(here is another question would that be rounded up too ? so again 12m/s... ???)


What is it that I want ?
A button with wich I can open a window that contains an overview over ALL my stat with the current Loadout I have equipped.