View Full Version : Everything is great about the Forge except....

15th Jun 2015, 02:59
Requiring Gold as well as all of the other resources to use it, especially considering how high the price can get, ESPECIALLY when I want to reforge a certain property .

One of the worst examples of this is when trying to reforge a Mysterious weapon. Considering how rare these weapons are to begin with, that fact that despite having the necessary resources to reforge it, having it also require 2,000 gold is WAY too high, especially considering you have no control of the outcome. It is huge gamble that may or may not work in your favor.

Now, granted, I get that for anyone who has played that game for a long time, probably has Thousands of gold just sitting there with nothing to do with it, so this may not be much of a problem for them, but for myself, or even any new players, the gold prices for using the forge can turn people away, which in not something Nosgoth can afford to do right now.

Also, anyone here ever played a free mobile game with resource management? Have you ever had that moment where you needed to build/obtain something, but there was always this one resource that would always prevent you from progressing? That's what I feel like when I want to use the Forge in this game.

I feel like the forge was meant as a tool for experimentation. The idea of taking a weapon that has a property that you don't like, and being able to change it is amazing, but the fact is, the requirement of gold, especially with how high the price can get, is a bit ridiculous.

Now I of course could be totally wrong about this. Correct me if I am. I'd like to hear everyone else's opinion on the topic.


15th Jun 2015, 13:13
I know exactly how you feel. I myself have the seem feeling about the forge. I believe this has 2 simple solutions though:

1. Make forge crafting a whole lot cheaper. Remove the money needed for example, so that we can quickly recraft/reforge items when they are not to our liking. The stats can still be random, as they then are so cheap to get.
2. Keep the crafting part the same, but let us pick the positives and negatives that are being added to the weapon. (Also, make the effects on secondary's and abilities more significant.) This way, it is hard to obtain an enchantment, but it would allow full customization, and it would actually be worth getting. (Instead of spending tons of materials and 2K just to get an even **** enchantment it already had)

16th Jun 2015, 19:14
The gold price is ridiculous as long as property rerolls are random. There should be an option for either cheap random effects or expensive specific effects. Or initial enchanting/upgrading gives cheap random effects with the option of specific reforging afterward for a much steeper price.

(Price here referring to both gold and the materials, mind.)

18th Jun 2015, 12:14
the gold option is a gold sink, some of the oldest players have a LOT of gold floating round, and 2k isn't actualy that much. it just seems like it is, plus the randomness makes it a gamble which means you have the chance at some REALLY good stuff as well as some bad ones, if it wasn't really a gamble then you'd end up with mediocure to passable ones instead.