View Full Version : Why isn't Dragon Quest Monsters 1&2 for the 3DS not release in North America?

14th Jun 2015, 23:14
I had checked Wikipedia and see some Dragon Quest games on the 3DS that's not released in North America. I'd like to see Dragon Quest Monsters 1 and 2 be released in North America. I own Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 1 and planning on getting Joker 2 once I beat Joker 1.

15th Jun 2015, 18:19
It seems to be because Square Enix doesnt believe they would sell well enough to bother localizing it.
And btw here is a depressing fact: Neither North America nor Europe got any of the five* Dragon Quest games for 3ds which have been released in Japan since 2011 (*Seven if we count the newly announced remake of DQ8 and DQ10 which is multiplatform) . (Note: we will be getting Dragon Quest Heroes for ps4 though. Maybe tomorrow we will get something else?)

16th Jun 2015, 03:23
Because Square-Enix places ZERO faith or value in its North American fans of Dragon Quest.

If they did, they'd localize more than a cheap musou-crossover spinoff and god-forsaken phone ports. And if they want to say they DO care, then I dare them to prove it by actually localizing some DQ games that are actually worth my time and money.

But I'm probably just wasting my breath. Nobody with any pull reads these forums, otherwise they'd realize the demand.