View Full Version : Maximising points

14th Jun 2015, 00:23
Does anyone have any suggestions for maximising the number of points gained in a level?
Struggling to get some of the gold challenges...

14th Jun 2015, 02:53
Any level in particular? You can do a combat challenge in the overworld and enter the tomb with a X4 multiplier from the get go. There are a few amulets which concede you a "Treasure Hunter" skill, so while you retain the X4 multiplier, enemies and vases/braziers/etc are more likely to drop gems.

Other than exploring everything and doing your best to avoid taking damage, you can also "farm" a few extra kills in some levels: instead of using the Staff of Osiris to close the marks of Set, kill all enemies instead. They're usually not many though, but will net you a few more points.

While no damage runs are possible, they're not necessary... Other than the very first level (Pyramid of Osiris) there shouldn't be any difficulties to still reach the gold tier requirements as a whole. You will want to stay alive at all times though, I'm not sure how many points are deducted per death but I'm going to hazard a guess it's somewhere between 1k and 5k.