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11th Jun 2015, 13:23
Some news regarding Blood Vials

Hi guys,

Thanks everyone for your responses to the Forge patch. We got a lot of useful comments from everyone, and we always welcome constructive feedback! We found ourselves with a bit of an unusual situation with the introduction of the Forge, in that players will have stockpiled weapons, abilities and Gold, compared to what you accrue during normal play, so you'd have an influx of certain materials from salvaging, and have to catch up with ones from drops.

We are listening to that feedback, as well as your concerns about drop rates for Blood Vials, and I have a bit of news. For now, we'll be making a change TODAY to grant everyone some Blood Vials to their accounts, based on your level.
We will be evaluating Blood Vial drop rates to ensure they're in line with what they need to be, and we'll get back on that one later, but we hear the feedback.

For now, you can expect to see Blood Vials add to your accounts, during the day (the process will take a few hours, so please be patient while we grant these to everyone). We will be adding 1 Blood Vial for every 2 levels (up to level 30). Here is a breakdown:

Levels 1-2: Blood Vials x1
Levels 3-4: Blood Vials x2
Levels 5-6: Blood Vials x3
Levels 7-8: Blood Vials x4
Levels 9-10: Blood Vials x5
Levels 11-12: Blod Vials x6
Levels 13-14: Blood Vials x7
Levels 15-16: Blood Vials x8
Levels 17-18: Blood Vials x9
Levels 19-20: Blood Vials x10
Levels 21-22: Blod Vials x11
Levels 23-24: Blood Vials x12
Levels 25-26: Blood Vials x13
Levels 27-28: Blood Vials x14
Levels 29-30: Blood Vials x15

Now, as we have an existing thread with feedback, I don't want to split the discussion too much, so I'd encourage you to check out the following thread to discuss this further (this one will be ready only, so we don't split the topic in http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=156397&page=3&p=2130446#post2130446

12th Jun 2015, 10:46
Hey everyone,

Some further news regarding Blood Vials, this time specifically about Private Matches:

Following all the feedback, I'm happy to share some detail now about what we'll be doing in relation to recharging of items after playing in Private Matches.

In the next patch, we'll be adjusting this now so that Private Matches do not use up charge on these items. The items won't be drained, so wouldn't need to be recharged from playing in Private Matches.

This change is going into the next game update, which we're looking to release next week :)