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11th Jun 2015, 10:58
So after some time and reading many theories along with ideas and other things, I wanted to share my three predictions on ways the next episode is going to start. Keep in mind I am just theorizing based on a few things I see.

Prediction 1:

Based on how each episode after the first begins in Max's room, this prediction has the same idea for the simplicity of focussing on conguency, or perhaps just keeping it in line i guess. Max wakes up in her room, it is morning obviously, but she doesn't want to sit/stand up, nor turn on the music. She just lays in bed for a minute giving some diologue. She then thinks back to what happenned in the alternate reality and thus a conversation starts with her and the Chloe from the other dimension, or timeline... This connversation obviously has decisions on what to say etc... etc...

Prediction 2:

This one is simply me being in s story writer's position and/or thinking of a good way to start the episode. After the introduction of the story, the "Last time on Life is Strange" We hear some music playing, similar to episode 2 and 3, but it is taking place from Chloe's house where Max and The alternate timeline Chloe are sitting at the table in the main room having a conversation, this conversation could be about thrm catching on life, but more likely Max discussing everything with Chloe (and possibly William) about her powers, the past, William dying instead, and the "real" timeline. Queue the episode...

Prediction 3:

I've seen this one in a few places and could easily see it happening based off of Max's initial reaction to seeing Chloe. The Episode starts of on a serious note. We see Chloe in the Wheel chair but Max freaks out and runs away, she then runs towards the lighthouse in a flurry not knowing what else to do and sits there looking at Arcadia bay in confliction on what to do before reverting the undo where she saves Wiliiam and thus the episode starts. This can vary a bit but it is what I though of.

Well what do you think, what are your predictions?

12th Jun 2015, 11:24
Another thing that came to mind was that Max won't be there anymore from now on. You'll start to play as Chloe instead.
Discovering in Max's dorm room, she left all her stuff, and the photo on the ground. But somehow, Max returns, with or without Rachel. Then at the final part, Chloe runs to the lighthouse area [because she knows she's there], reaching out to talk to Max. (It's what you see in the end of ep1.) Possibly by then, Max has become an old soul, after all the rewinds. We might need to make a difficult decision, considering Frank possibly will be there too, for his money. Could be that David redeems himself there.
Either way, I don't think the ending will be very bright and cheery. But it'll be epic.

13th Jun 2015, 07:26
Episode 4 should be the setup for the grand finale in Episode 5, so they have to start answering some questions. Max will probably spend most of the Episode talking to alternate versions of her schoolmates and learn something about what happened in the "normal" timeline and then return to it or at least to a timeline that is very similar.
I don't think that there is much talking to Chloe in this Episode. What should they talk about? Chloe can't really help Max and I wouldn't tell neither of the two Chloes about the alternate timelines. Chloe shouldn't be forced to choose between the timelines.

18th Jun 2015, 11:45
Seeing Chloe in a wheelchair was, erm, quite a shock. So much so, even, that it's almost too big to just dismiss with a simple 'snapping out of it,' or rewind. They're gonna have to do *something* with it. If anything, at least the wheelchair thing should send a resounding message to Max: namely that changing history can have quite unexpected consequences! Like the philosophical question what would happen if people had gone back in time and killed Hitler; or Stalin, etc. And maybe it's all meant for her to realize some things just aren't meant to be changed.

Assuming Max doesn't immediately 'snap out' of the alternate reality, she'd be wise to do some exploring: what factors affected what? Like clearly her relationship with Victoria is much better, and she seems part of the 'preppy' gang now (possibly due to the absence of Chloe's 'destructive' influence?). And how did Kate fare in this reality?

Max was briefly thrown into the future, obviously to witness the hurricane. So, it stands to reason her traveling (deep) into the past was done for a reason to... but not for the seemingly obvious reason to save Chloe's dad.

Max cannot stay in the alternate reality for ever. So, she'll probably *does* snap out of it, sooner or later. And quite possibly -- and quite logically so -- she may be faced to redo the whole scene at Chloe's house again... and just let the man take his keys this time! I would like that, actually; for 2 reasons: it would strip her time-manipulation of the 'Deus Ex Machina' status, in which just about anything goes; and it would force a truly difficult, mature decision on her part. And no, that would not be murdering Chloe's dad, or handing him a death sentence: it would merely entail her accepting that this already had happened, to no fault of Max at all, and that her attempts to change things only resulted in Chloe ending up in a wheelchair.

As for actual predictions, I have none to offer. :) Save my firm belief that whatever happened to Chloe needs to be undone... all the way. And that, in the end, their friendship, all the hard times Chloe had despite, will be based on true bonding and dealing with the cards real life deals, instead of endless rewinding. She'll probably save the town, though. :)

1st Jul 2015, 20:29
Yeah I hope it will play out this way too. When Max left Chloe's car I knew she needed time to reflect on what Max has said her.
She'll get over it, like she's been going through all the other tough shizzle.