View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Death and Loadout Screen

11th Jun 2015, 07:41
I like that they're looking for ways to improve the game, but I very much prefer the old death screen. My problem with the new one is that it's difficult to look at.

It bothers me how half of the character the camera is following is obstructed by the interface. It seems it was meant to look clean, but it comes off as messy and distracting.I think it would also look better if it wasn't so transparent. Maybe if they made it darker.Also, what they call killcam isn't really a killcam.

Besides this, it's nice being able to hide the interface by pressing spacebar and I'm a huge fan of the loadout screen. My only problem is that entering the loadout screen from the death screen then hiding the interface without selecting a new loadout keeps you on the 30 second respawn timer. It's real easy to forget and just sit there wondering why you haven't spawned yet.