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10th Jun 2015, 06:57
I would like to suggest an alternative drop setup for materials in crafting. Instead of it being completely random and better fit the RPG style that the crafting seems reminiscent of, lets assign materials to classes and when a class is killed the player responsible gets a chance of acquiring the materials that way. I'm not saying one material for one class; but that each class has a better chance of dropping one type of material more than the others. I understand that Blood is meant to be the rare component so it could stay out of this; but it would be nice if there was some criteria to improve your chances of getting it. Perhaps once taunts are brought in for the humans it could be attached to that and the vampire's blood feeding.

Rough Set Up
Class Killed: Item They Are Most Likely To Drop If They Drop Anything At All.

Scout: Dark Material
Hunter: Desert Glass
Alchemist: Quick Silver
Prophet: Relic Shard
Vanguard: Desert Glass

Sentinel: Dark Material
Tyrant: Desert Glasse
Reaver: Quick Silver
Deceiver: Relic Shard
Summoner: Desert Glass

For Example
If during a match you kill 5 Tyrants, 2 Deceivers, and 4 Sentinels then you get 11 rolls of the dice for materials with a good probability of ending up with at most 5 Desert Glasses, 2 Relic Shards, and 4 Dark Materials (you could still end up with different materials or nothing at all, you could get nothing from every roll and walk away empty handed).

What do you guys think?

10th Jun 2015, 14:47
I believe the intention has always been to make drop chances independant from performance and I think it should stay this way.