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10th Jun 2015, 02:14
I'm saying this with probably a large amount of players if not all the players of Nosgoth; that you should be able to de-chant items that have fx of them(mystery,exotic) and put them on other weapons. I have all these exotic weapons(that I got all from chests and they are all vanguard axes which makes it even worse. Waste of $15 for 3 axes in a row) that I can't salvage add attributes or de-chant so that I can put the fx on weapons I actually want to use. So please make it possible because I really want to put the winter fx hand cannon(that I got in a chest,)to good use and put the fx on one of my hunter weapons.

Ps. Other than that item forge is really good, except please raise blood drop rate and also either lower cost of recharge or go back to gold option.

11th Jun 2015, 15:22
I agree in particular with the last part here, I LOVE the forge but I BEG the dev team to bump up the drop rate for blood. Considering you need at least one for literally everything and can get it nowhere else but random drops and the daily spin (being only once per day though the chance there feels negligible) it gets infuriating when I play literally twelve matches and receive only one blood vial.

I understand perfectly well it's a chance percentage deal and going so long without a drop was bad luck, but clearly the odds were iffy enough that I went twelve matches with only a single vial of blood to show for it. So please, if mods or devs see this, please boost the drop rate for blood.

Don't make the forge unusable without it then withhold the darn stuff. When it becomes purchasable in the store, please make it for gold and not exclusively for gems. Also, some other players are sore that recharging costs blood but I don't feel either way on that one. If blood is easy to find, there's not much of a problem there.

12th Jun 2015, 14:01
100% agree !!!!!!!!!!!

I got 2 times marathon with some fx for tyran, but i want to play with the jump. So its either fx or the jump. Please let me forge fx onto it!

Also, i dont understand why the unique weapons from the chests have charges...i mean at some point, they will be useless unless i recharge them, right? (which is way too expensive)
so basically i spend money on a skin that expires after some games? thats bs.

12th Jun 2015, 14:42
I have responded in other threads on this, but FX will be added in an update. They're just not in the initial release of the Forge, but they are coming.

Regarding Blood Vials, please see this thread: http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=156472