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9th Jun 2015, 16:14
The hitman series is on the threshold of becoming like Saintrow the turd or the new Tombraider games, witch isn't a good thing. They're either going to reboot the whole series like they did with tombrader and, change his origins, get rid of his suit, barcode and duel guns. Or they'll go the other extreme and be like saintrow the third with a completely goofy story with dildo bats. But why don't you just stick to your original style of game witch was a serious game with some eccentric elements. People complained the nuns in absolution but the costume "villain" actually fits in with the original style.

Bottom line is the first three games were serious and mostly played it straight. While BloodMoney and Absolution got a little too goofy. I feel like they need to go back to the original style.

10th Jun 2015, 13:55
? What.
Where are you getting this idea?

10th Jun 2015, 15:33
Blood Money can be goofy in some specific moments, agree. But only if you want it to be. You have plenty of options you can use/do and style depends only on your imagination. :)

12th Jun 2015, 17:14
? What.
Where are you getting this idea?Judging from the past two hitman games, and the current trends in the gaming industry. Why do you think that they turn him into an action hero in Absolution? Its not hard to see why their doing this and what they theyll end put doing.

Blood Money can be goofy in some specific moments, agree. But only if you want it to be. You have plenty of options you can use/do and style depends only on your imagination. :)With bloodmoney the gameplay was fine. It was their attempt at comedy ruined the game for me. An example of this is the news paper. They had an opportunity to use the news papers to make game's world feel more real, authentic. Adding more depth and nuance to the already existing dark tone of the hitman games, But instead they use it jokes. I guessing they were trying to be like gta.

But Im taking about game trends in general, and how their ruining the series. Instead of making the games better they want to make it more generic. Absolution did a lot things that was good, but instead of just taking a few things to improve the game they copied and pasted the cover base shooter.

15th Jun 2015, 16:18
Blood Money had comic elements, but it were optional (like funny easter eggs) so it was ok. Absolution's story was a joke as a whole: comic characters, comic dialogues, not serious story like from Robert Rodriguez's/Tarantion's screenplay. Hitman Contracts had the best atmosphere what should be more or less a formula for Hitman 6. Don't strive to GTA-type ridiculous characters, but keep professional character of original Hitmen, like some serious gangster movie like God Father or American Gangster. I don't want to play Absolution 2. Keep Hitman to be Hitman please.

18th Jun 2015, 19:53
I agree 100% that contracts had the best atmosphere and thats how they should do it in the future. But Bloodmoneys comedy was not like an easter egg. It was fully integrated with the whole game like if you put a drop of flavoring in your drink it'll change the whole flavor. A easter egg would be something that was hidden.
As for hitman absulution, they were just taking bloodmoney to the next level with their so called "dark comedy". While I did not like the grindhouse style as much as I like contract and the original games, I sill like it more than hitman BM. With absolution for ever step forward it was another three steps back but it had some really good things about.