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7th Jun 2015, 23:55
Some free advertising for Life is Strange, courtesy of Bungie and/or Microsoft. (Clicking this takes you to Life is Strange for purchase, too.)


9th Jun 2015, 06:07
Why is it referred to as "Destiny" and not "Life is Strange?"

10th Jun 2015, 01:48
Why is referred to as "Destiny" and not "Life is Strange?"

This is in the Xbox Store. Somebody made a mistake and placed Life is Strange art in the Destiny slot (or vice versa). Currently, they fixed the label to say "Life is Strange". But, this is an "Adventure" game, not "Action and Adventure".

The link that leads you to this page is Lara Croft for Tomb Raider from the main "Games" page.

Basically, this means Life is Strange is getting more exposure since it's placed next to the two biggest selling games in history.