View Full Version : EU [Ger/Eng] Kawaii E-Sports looking for teammember!

7th Jun 2015, 14:17
as described in the title we are currently searching for a new member for our team.
Currently our team consists of 4 players from age 21-29.
We try to scrimm and participate in tourneys as often in the week as we can.
Since not everybody can be there everytime, we need a 5th member who participates constantly in the team.
For now we look for people that speak German/English !


Step 1. : What are you looking for?
Depending on your attitude we can offer a subspot or a spot as 5th equalent teammember.
If you have any questions about that, we can gladly discuss this in a chat.

Step 2. : Do we match together?
First we talk to each other and see if we get along. In addition to that, we want to play with you some publics or scrims. Because we all need to see if our personalities, gameplays and skills fit.Don't worry, this won't be one of those weird and awkward interviews!

If you're interested just add or contact us on steam, so we can invite you to our TS.

Our Esl Team:

Here the post in german: