View Full Version : Joyce's Picture

6th Jun 2015, 04:10
:scratch: I have a question: If you don't take the picture Joyce shows you -- do you still go back in time to when they're 13/14?

6th Jun 2015, 10:10
There is no alternative option or choice that the player has other than to take the photograph Joyce shows Max. The entire ending sequence hinges on the very fact that Max uses that picture to alter events of the past to devastating effect. :)

6th Jun 2015, 16:41
Note this is a movie adventure game, not life simulator. :)

6th Jun 2015, 19:50
@Tataboj, your statement is hereby acknowledged -- it just sucks Chloe is in a wheelchair. something doesn't fit here.

6th Jun 2015, 20:56
Maybe she's still able to talk.. Otherwise we'd have to hear out William instead.