View Full Version : AUDIO/MUSIC New Crucible Theme?

5th Jun 2015, 21:43
Since the human maps all have their own tune, will the Crucible get its own soundtrack as well?
It shares the same music with The Fane at the moment and it would be cool to have something more fitting.
Darker and heavier with anvil-like sounds or something like that.

5th Jun 2015, 22:55
I'm sure they said in one of the twitch feeds that it would eventually get it's own theme. It seemed like a low priority though.

I'd like to hear something either resembling music in the lighthouse or the Fire Glyph area from SR1. I think the lighthouse was given the Turelim music so it wouldn't be wasted and since there were a ton of Turelim there and also the Fire Glyph area was transplanted from the smoke stacks for similar reasons. Anyway, it was all brass gongs, symbols and clanging sheets of metal in the track.