View Full Version : Max's pain from using powers? *SPOILERS*

3rd Jun 2015, 03:08
So we know that using her time powers, Max gets headaches and nosebleeds. But did anyone else notice how this whole episode Max never got a nosebleed or headache? I mean even when she went way back in time and saved Chloe's dad she was still able to use her powers in the house and never experienced the usual pain, as well as her returning to the new alternate timeline she seemed fine. Does this mean she is getting much stronger and will be capable of doing much more, or did the developers just decide not to show us because we already know what happens when she keeps using her power?

3rd Jun 2015, 13:23
Well, if you try to rewind back too much you still get the usual bloody screen and Max crying out she can't go back further. It is strange that we didn't see more of that but it was still mentioned a few times how Max couldn't use her power to save Kate and she showed more concern about her limitations. It could be that Max is finally starting to grow into her powers, which would also explain her newest power to project her consciousness back through time instead of rewinding. It could also be an oversight on the writer's part. Either way, I don't think we've quite seen the last of these drawbacks.

3rd Jun 2015, 13:52
IMHO these problems were introduced solely for dramatic effect. They might or might not come back, depending on the requirements of the script.

5th Jun 2015, 01:39
It just hit my thoughts and I listened to something they made max say within in the game tht made me rethink this whole thing its exactually like the butterfly effect movie and max needs to find the right point I time where everything is back to normal and than give up her friendship so tht the timeline doesn't mess up the future if u play episode 1 lay on maxs bed shes says how edgar allen poe rights about a dream within a dream mabey max needs to keep moving throughout the photos fixing certain things until the timeline gets put back to normal and chloe is the center finding Rachel is the main priority but if u think about the technicality of this u can rewind time so the original timeline is actually Chloe dyeing by Nathan shooting her but u alter it buy saving her which makes it technically and alternate time line and u change more things throughtout episode 1and 2 what if kate was suppose to die as well my point is this at the end of episode 3 ur in a alternate time line again this tiem chloe is paralayzed and max is the cool kid like Rachel this somewhat supports the dream within a dream theory which again make me go back t the butterfly effect my theory is lall the photos tht max takes mess up the time line because u take potos in dif timeline when u save chloe u take photos throught out all the episodes and at the end of episode 3 after change the photo tht u travel through it messes up the time line again so in my honest opinion the end of the game well prolly be max burning her mural with all her photos and erasing all of the things tht happened after all the photos are the most important thing in the game and seem to have some effect on it