View Full Version : SCOUT Trap do not explode well sometimes.

9th Aug 2014, 11:34
I do not have any screen at the moment, will try to post some if i can.

This bug is divided in two problems :
1) : sometimes, (it can happen everywhere but it happens mostly when the trap is on stairs or things like that) the trap do not explode if a vampire walk on it.
And i mean, even if he STAY on the trap for several seconds, the trap do not work. I think it can be related to the fact that the height detection for the trap suffer from some problem. I write this because sometimes on bigger stairs the trap explode but only when the vampire is at a certain place from the trap.

2) when you put your trap down, there is some time before it can explode, everyone knows that. sometimes, you are killed because the trap you just put on the floor explode too late. But so far nothing odd.
BUT, it's possible to make the trap bug ! When a vampire walks near a trap you just put, and i mean you put in the last 0.3 sec (or something like that, you understand me ^^), it can sometimes explode randomly like 25 seconds after, for no reason. The best example of this one happened to me on The fane, near a heal station. my trap just exploded on me between two fights after i put it on the feet of a vampire who attacked me before, and no there were no decievers around me, everyone was dead/away. This issue do not happens often.

The real problem is my point number 1.