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30th May 2015, 03:48
1. The game crashed for me, then punished me with 3 minute penalty, because i left the game. We were winning btw... it was not a drop, just the game crashed. I know you want to punish those who leave the game. But they are leaving because matchmaking is a punishment already. Make it possible to re-join our running match, if its still possible, without taking punishment.

2. Matchmaking! Horrible. I dont know what you made with it, but if im playing alone its always 2v4. In every game there are 1 or 2 handicapped player. Why do players around level 30 and a lot of gameplay behind them, have to play together with players who dont even know how to play?!

3. Rewards! While on lower levels the game was rewarding, its boring as hell on higher levels. No new content, nothing to play for. Ive thought daily rewards maybe... but honestly? 99% garbage... ive played 7 days in a row... ive got these rewards in order: gold-gold-gold-30%rune discount-nametag-gold-30%rune discount. So great... Why do we get Tier 1 rewards in Tier3?

30th May 2015, 07:26
#1 is a real problem, #2 is a problem with the player base not the game.

3. Rewards! While on lower levels the game was rewarding, its boring as hell on higher levels. No new content, nothing to play for.
This is the new generation of shooter players, also known as the CoD gen. They need constant positive feedback with rewards as an incentive to keep playing a game that should be played as a PvP sport where the only thing that matters is being better than the other guy.

30th May 2015, 22:18
nothing to play for.

While I hesitate to side with anyone who calls any video game a sport (seriously...), this is definitely a YOU problem. It's a game. You play for the inherent pleasure of entertainment. :rolleyes:

And really, do you get far into a Grand Theft Auto game and complain about no new content showing up? No. Because they already gave you a game and have no further obligation to you. Psyonix could quit making new Nosgoth stuff as soon as the game left beta and they would technically be at no fault. Multiplayer games, MMOs (hamster cages) and DLC have made an awfully entitled bunch out of players...Pardon the tangent.

As far as it getting boring, there is a limited amount of classes with a limited number (like, two each) of loadout possibilities. More variation is indeed needed. And there are effectively only two reward tiers, 1 and 7. And even 7 is mostly tier-one stuff. Rewards are garbage, I agree.

30th May 2015, 23:12
I personally prefer games that have a good story, clever puzzles or let me do action and stunts and spectacular stuff I couldn't do in real life. That's not really like COD and I think I'm from the generation before it where the stuff I just mentioned was more popular. Now that everything is multiplayer, gaming has gone back to how it was even before my generation where high score was the most important. Also, my generation has jobs and other more important real life stuff that means we don't have time to get as good as those with tons of free time.

5th Jun 2015, 00:36
1) This is a known problem...they are going to implement a "rejoin" button eventually.

2) Some matches are pretty unbalanced yes...but the real issue for me is the slow matchmaking (i've been waiting around 30mins lately for a match)

3) I do agree with the daily rewards rant...i got a 30% voucher for 7th day reward, now that's just mean...As for "no new content", i think this only becomes a problem after you get all the abilities and classes. To me, the problem is that most classes play the same role and new abilities would "fix" this...since each class would offer different play-styles.