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29th May 2015, 19:10
Hello guys.

I am posting because I just started playing this game yesterday on my PS1 and oh my God, it is amazing and filled with a dark atmosphere!
I don't want to spoil the game for anyone, so I'm warning you now that my question contains minor spoilers:

I just passed through the Energy Bolt Shrine. I entered it, saved the game, the went through the door to the first room with the 2 enemies with the long weapons and the 2 enemies that shoot energy balls across the wall. The golden door on the right was opened, so I went that way and got the Energy Bolt spell. Then I went to the next room where you find the 3 enemies that shoot energy balls. I killed them, but failed to notice the swith across the spikes. I was supposed to hit it with an Energy Bolt. So I found myself stuck. The next door was closed, and the one behind me (the one on the right of the first room as mentioned above) was also closed. I knew I was missing something, but couldn't see that switch (damn LCD TV...). So I used my Bat form and got out of there. The thing is, I tried to re-enter the Shrine to complete it, but now the golden door on the right in the first room is closed. And it doesn't open. I can't go to the room where I got the Spell previously, or the room after that one (the one with the switch I couldn't see). Does anyone know if this is a bug? Did I miss the Health Vial for good?

For anyone having trouble understanding which door I'm talking about, it's this one (https://youtu.be/JdeA3WSL55g?t=1673).
And I got stuck here (https://youtu.be/JdeA3WSL55g?t=1709) because I didn't hit that switch.
As you can see here (https://youtu.be/JdeA3WSL55g?t=1828), after he goes around all the Shrine and back to the beginning, the door is closed. This happened to me but I never completed it, because I left the Shrine with Bat form.

Any help would be greatly apreciated.
Thank you.

30th May 2015, 09:03
Hm, it is not bug, it is feature. :)
You missed only one Blood Vial, but there are too many of them in the game (more than you need to have full HP).
For the PC-version there are trainers with the feature "Walk Through Walls", which can be help you.
For the PS-version also there are cheat-codes (http://thelostworlds.net/BO1/Codes_Playstation_Cheat_Device.html), but I do not know whether you can use them for your device.

Anyway you can restart the game or use the nearest save if you have it for that to obtain this Blood Vial.