View Full Version : funny thing just happened to me!

29th May 2015, 10:32
so i was driving home from work, obeying the speed limit obviously..
not really, maybe i was going a little fast..
anyway as usual i was deep in thought about life is strange, i think i was thinking of chloe in particular and wondering how that first conversations going to play out with max and wheelchair chloe.
suddenly i hear a thump and realise im driving way onto the footpath!.
i quickly got back on the road, luckily there was noone driving behind me and noone on the footpath at the time.

29th May 2015, 22:28
Wake up pal! Real life is happening now.
You can't rewind if you drive into someone.

30th May 2015, 09:55
Not funny at all.

30th May 2015, 10:32
Well, I can imagine that. :)