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29th May 2015, 00:05
This was a post of mine in another thread , but I really want peoples input on this so I copied it here , basically my idea is to hav a new map (for balance purposes , read below) for a new mode , the mode would either be 8v8 or 16v16, and the humans would have unlimited lives except for "the leader" (randomly chosen at round start) who has ten or so lives (15?).. The vampires have to eliminate the leader however many times he has lives , but the vampires all have to share 60 lives (number is an example)so it's not as easy as it sounds . Read my original post for even more info :

Well this game could be so much more than just a tdm game , capture the body certainly isn't going to make this game stand out so I think we should make a new game mode but NO ai or NPCs because that's too much to implement ... What I'm thinking is to have an 8v8 or 16v16 match in which a new map would be made (preferably a large battlefield or castle) and the vampires objective is to breach the castle , find the leader and kill him (the leader has 10 lives everyone else has unlimited lives on the human team , the vamp team has "shared lives" in which they have let's say only 60 available lives in between all vamps ) when that shared life pool runs out or the timer for the match expires , the humans will win ... But if the leader of the humans is killed 10 times the vampires will win after killing the rest of the humans who are still alive (and not respawning).

Ideas on my "protect the leader" mode ? No NPCs involved , the only thing needed is a new map for balance purposes (the human starting location would essentially be a castle or heavily fortified area , where the vampires will spawn outside of it ).

29th May 2015, 11:36
Having 8v8 or 16v16 could potentially overload the servers. It sounds like an awesome mode and I'd enjoy the Hell out of it, with a few modifications, but that many people on one server would probably make it run slower then a crippled mule. It would certainly take some optimization before it was implemented.