View Full Version : What do we think of the app?

28th May 2015, 20:45
Well the title kinda says it all.

I was actually surprised by how challenging and fun it is. I was looking forward to them releasing it anyway and I was expecting a Temple Run/Subway Surfer rip off but it's actually more than that with the whole moped/grapple/parkour and cinematic structure. I really like the app and I can see myself playing it when I'm bored on my one hour journey to college every day. The only problem I had was Lara got killed by a leaf when I swiped down next to it, when normally she'd just run through it. But I like the app :p

28th May 2015, 21:35
Are you talking about Relic Run?



28th May 2015, 21:45
^ Yup, didn't notice there was a new section on it, sorry

28th May 2015, 22:45
Heh, no problem. Will move your thread there :)

7th Jul 2015, 15:48
I love this game! I like how it has elements of both the Core Design era and tthe early Crystal Dynamics era. I have Cerebral Palsy and I find normal console controls difficult so this is nice and easy for me. :)
Unfortunatey, I'm having a real problem with it at the moment. Since the update, it's become really jumpy during gameplay and crashes, it's a little better on airplane mode but not much.