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28th May 2015, 19:30
Myself (Arydious) and Flesh are looking for some more team mates to compete in the ESL NA with.

All we want from you is dedication and willingness to compete, we want to be competitive and not just do it for the Runestones. Flesh and I have been in the Esl just about every week, and have done okay. The teams we have been on have really been lacking synergy and players willing to practice, to build up strategies.

We are not the best player nor are we looking to recruit the best players, we are looking to form a small tight nit group who is willing to learn and get better. Eventually becoming a contender against some of the top teams.

We want 2 more people willing to dedicate 2 hours a day to practice. This may seem like a lot but it's not to much. Also we understand life happens, so there is exceptions. The reason we want to practice this much at first, is because we are far behind the curve of these top teams like, AT, Evil, PBSLC, and FWW. These teams have been practicing and playing together for a while now and have a lot of synergy we would need to build up.

Eventually the practice could be lowered to 1 hour a day or even a couple times a week. We are also looking for open minded individuals who are willing to try new things and play with different ideas, but they also need to be open to criticism and willing to critique fellow team mates.

As a team we are expected to hold ourselves to a higher accountability they anyone else. We should always examine our own play and see where we can make little improvements.

Reply in the comments or hit me up on steam for any question, I think I have about half the player base already on my friends list by now haha.

TL:DR Want 2 people to play with in NA

29th May 2015, 19:55
Hi Arydious, I just signed up for this forum for the exact same reason. I'm looking to play more competitively, in private matches and the like. I've done a few already but the players were lacking interest and it eventually died. Add me on steam "deaner" and let's chat. What timezone are you in? I play every night EAST COAST. from about 9pm -12am.

29th May 2015, 21:19
Hey man I couldn't figure out which one was you.

Here is my profile so anyone can add me.