View Full Version : Triple Triad, Sphere Break, Tetra Master etc as apps?

28th May 2015, 15:11
Hey folks,

I've been thinking recently, as much as I love the FF Record Keeper app, and the fact that you can download other FF games as apps, wouldn't it be AWESOME if some of the beloved FF mini games came as apps?

I would happily pay a bit for a sphere break app or a tetra master app, and I'm sure a lot of people would take that over candy crush any day!

If you agree pop a YES :thumb: below and lets see how many people are up for it... you never know, Square Enix has shown it likes listening to fans recently :)

Games could include (just a few mentionned feel free to add your suggestions) :

Chocobo Racing FF7
Triple Triad FF8
Tetra Master FF9
Sphere Break FF10-2
Blitzball FF10

29th May 2015, 07:22
Triple Triad was already released but only in Japan: