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28th May 2015, 05:03
If you are worried about spoilers, I recommend not reading further until you have completed Part 3.

There are a lot of interesting theories presented on this site. It’s hard to say that any theory is more or less valid than another. I came up with an interesting theory a few days ago. It’s a big deviation from what my theory was exiting Episode 2. In case anyone is interested, this is my current theory. My posts tend to be a little verbose so I’ll try to hit the key points early.

I believe that the game from the initial bathroom scene on is a shared dream by Max and Chloe. I think they are both in critical condition after being shot by Nathan in the bathroom. After Chloe gets shot, Max jumps out of hiding and Nathan drops the gun behind him. When the gun hits the ground, it’s pointed at Max. I’m not a gun expert, but Nathan’s gun is definitely a semi-automatic. It is possible for the gun to accidentally discharge when dropped, especially if it’s not used or maintained correctly.

The dream could be a way to prepare Chloe and Max find closure as their lives may be reaching their end. I’ll explain why I typed “may” later. The time rewind power probably starts as a way to hide the reality from Max and Chloe while allowing the two to search for closure in their lives. Max’s closure comes from reconciling with Chloe and finding out what it means and what it feels like to be an everyday hero. Chloe’s closure comes from accepting William’s death as well as the departures from her life by Max and Rachel.

The people in the dream are manifestations of Max and Chloe’s memories. Joyce, David, Frank, and the assortment of characters associated with the Two Whales Diner may come from Chloe’s memories while the other Blackwell students and staff may come from Max’s memories.

Episode 3 concludes by starting a “what if” scenario where William was not killed in an accident on the way to pick up Joyce. We see that this alternate scenario results in a drastically different outcome for Chloe. My guess is that Episode 4 will start off with Max realizing that Chloe’s life is worse off with William spared to the point that Max will use the photo to go back in time and erase what she did at the end of Episode 3. It seems logical that the rest of Episode 4 could be a way to start to tie the Vortex Club and Kate Marsh into the stream of events that Episode 3 revealed.

I also believe that if my theory holds up, Rachel is involved in this dream world as well. Rachel is stuck in her own dream; unable to provide the resolution she requires. However, her resolution will come as a byproduct of Chloe and Max allowing her to move on after Max and Cloe find their closures. An interesting way to end the game would be to present Max and Chloe separately the decision whether to move on with Rachel or return to the real world. Chloe’s answer could be predetermined or an automated product of the choices made up to that point. Max’s answer would be decided by the player.

The tornado is simply a daydream that Max had in class. If you look online around the time that the game starts, a typhoon hits mainland China at about the same time. Thus, the tornado/typhoon could simply be a representation of “the end” and not a reference to an actual upcoming event.

My final thought in this long post is that, as someone who grew up reading Ray Bradbury, I hope “The October Sky” plays some role in this narrative, even if used to foreshadow things to come. “The October Sky” is a series of short stories and some do already have the potential to foreshadow things yet to come (whether this game is a dream or not).

31st May 2015, 15:00
I really like how different this theory is from everything else. It makes so much sense and your claims are valid. Like what if Max was shot? I mean Life is Strange, so it could happen. Good theory.

31st May 2015, 22:14
I wouldn't like this ending. :/

4th Jun 2015, 20:45
I like that your theory is so different from what I've read up to present. However I do really hope you are wrong (sorry!) because it's sad to think about it that way.