View Full Version : Adam Jensen's Apartment

27th May 2015, 13:21
I don't know about the rest of you guys and girls, but I really appreciated this particular moment in the game when you first enter Adam's apartment. The whole atmosphere it delivers is very melancholic, but also quite stunning. The state of his apartment; the mess, the boxes that have yet to be unpacked and probably never will be, the broken mirror, and lots of other subtle details clearly reflect Adam's psyche and how much he's struggling to cope with his ordeal. It added a layer of depth to Adam that wasn't there before you see his apartment, and it was at this point in the game that it feels more like you're playing a realised person within the world they live in, not some generic protagonist in a game. I can't really think of any other game that offers the player to visit your character's home, or rather a home that gives you a deeper understanding of the character you're playing, but Eidos Montreal offered it, and it was executed perfectly in my opinion - so kudos to the developers on delivering such a memorable moment on that occasion! It would nice to see Adam return to his apartment in Detroit in Mankind Divided, that would be a nice touch in my opinion. Oh, and despite the state of his apartment, it's really nice! Love the design of it, it's like a massive studio apartment that's split into two large areas with high ceilings, I hope to live in something similar one day. :thumb: