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26th May 2015, 18:34
Wow, I suck at this game! :D

Lara is constantly running into things and dying, worse than the deaths in the reboot! ;)

I haven't played Temple Run and similar style games very much, and this game takes the style to a whole new level. Definitely challenging for a swipe newbie!

If you don't want to use a resurrect option, you just want to start over - the timer is annoying.

I don't play a ton of games on my iPad and certainly not all of the latest, greatest graphically-intense ones. Relic Run loads a bit slow and sometimes feels as if it's maybe dropping frames on the iPad Air. The game looks amazing and they are definitely pushing the graphic capabilities of the hardware.

Those are my initial impressions. I'll do a full review with my thoughts about the game after I don't keep dying :)

26th May 2015, 18:42
If it's lagging you will die. Any slight delay in a swipe and you are finished.

27th May 2015, 00:26
Well, I've never played anything like it before. I'm not digging it. It's just not my kind of game, 'Lara Croft' title or not. If this is CD/Square testing the mobile waters I hope it's less successful than they expect. Not to sound mean, but I'd much rather have an a "regular" style TR then this type of game. I say this purely due to Konami announcing their shifting focus towards mobile and basically being done with console games. I'm sure if mobile does prove to be much more financially successful than console other studios will follow. But then again, people have been saying "Consoles are dead!" ever since mobile games first started making serious cabbage years ago.

It does look good tho. I gotta admit it looks way better then I was expecting.

It's not terrible and it's not great. It's just not my kind of game.

EDIT: Oh, and I'm terrible at it, BTW. I get on a roll and run for a (seemingly) good amount of time then BAM! There's a fallen tree there.

27th May 2015, 04:08
I am really enjoying the game so far . I am playing it on my laptop via bluestacks . There are a few lags here and there but overall its running smoothly for me . The quad bike sections make me feel so nostalgic

I have played a lot of Temple Run and angry Granny run , so this game is right up my alley .

Thank you to the developers !

27th May 2015, 06:18
Okay, I got a little bit better now that I'm starting to get to know the terrain pieces. I still get confused by the wall runs though, sometimes they are necessary but sometimes not. I still occasionally try to jump and then hit the overhang :(

I've hit the vehicle sequences and I barely started the cliffside sequences. Haven't found a single relic yet. Now I'm trying to take screenshots while playing on the iPad, so we're back to Lara constantly smacking into things! :( :D

Really impressed with the amount of detail in every aspect of this game, it's pretty incredible.

27th May 2015, 06:30
This game is REALLY addictive!

27th May 2015, 17:25
If it's lagging you will die. Any slight delay in a swipe and you are finished.

Tell me about it!
There was an iOS update today for performance stability - Made the lag x3 as bad :hmm:

Played it on my friends phone, I did pretty damn well with the lag

27th May 2015, 20:58
I've been playing it on and off since it launched here in the Netherlands but I'm sorry to report that I still suck at the game. I've found about 14 of the relics from the Jungle level so far but have yet to defeat the T-Rex (who I've dubbed Chompasaurus Rex as it keeps eating me).

Perhaps I'll reach the Desert level someday.. ;-)

28th May 2015, 06:25
I am totally digging this game! I love it! It is super fun and addictive. I admit, I was terrible at first. After playing it for a couple days though I will say I am getting better! I've got all of my co-workers and friends playing it. They all say they really enjoy it and prefer it over Temple Run. That makes me very happy. :D You can hold on screen to speed up the resurrect option if you don't want to use it.

29th May 2015, 12:13
Wow, I suck at this game! :D
Same. I'm not very good with swiping, I prefer buttons.

If you don't want to use a resurrect option, you just want to start over - the timer is annoying.
Hold a finger on the timer, it will go 2x

I don't play a ton of games on my iPad and certainly not all of the latest, greatest graphically-intense ones. Relic Run loads a bit slow and sometimes feels as if it's maybe dropping frames on the iPad Air. The game looks amazing and they are definitely pushing the graphic capabilities of the hardware.
On my iPad 3 it is pretty average - a bit of chop and lag which gets you killed pretty quick. On my M8 it runs really well, but there's just so much on the screen at once I have to look too closely and it hurts my eyes :/
I also turned off slo-mo. It was a great "wow" effect at first, but it gets in the way and I greatly appreciate the devs having put that option in there.

It might be a bit of a nit-pick, but I wish the model was closer to LCTOO Lara - this one feels a bit like a Sim Lara. (Sorry CD)

29th May 2015, 15:49
I love it! I've been playing it all day to be honest. It's everything Temple Run was lacking.

30th May 2015, 00:14
Other than a little lag here and there I like it. I was terrible at first and losing faith but I've become good enough to have some decent runs. If I had to give it a number out of 5 as of right now I'd probably go 3.8-3.9ish.

30th May 2015, 11:35
On the positive the game is very addictive, the colours are much more bold than in TR(2013) and the detail in the graphics is awesome for a phone game. The negatives are too much lag that means I keep getting killed. I love the more old skool TR style of it and feels like I playing as Lara Croft far more than TR (2013) did . As with LCTOO though is not quite the new 'classic style' TR game that would have us old skoolers jumping for joy but still good.

31st May 2015, 20:22
The game is absolutely amazing, the best endless run that I ever played! However, the occasional problems are so bad... I hope the next updates be best. Everyone should play.

5th Jun 2015, 04:18
I'm really into this game now. SO addictive. I'm not very far yet, but I'm really into it. I think I have 8 relics so far, still playing the first level. I haven't killed a T-Rex yet. I've only just started buying some of the items. Absolutely brilliant game. And the fact that it's free. I'd definitely pay a small amount to make the infrequent ads go away completely.

Still trying to write a review. Have taken hundreds of screenshots - and that's only the first level! There's so much to appreciate. Will post again when review is done :)

I think there should be a function that tells you your stats outside of the leaderboards - such as basic ones like how many runs you've done, and how much time you've spent playing :p

5th Jun 2015, 14:49
The new update today made the game crash twice with me today in the same hour after the update.
First when I wanted to buy 600 gems (and it stole my money without giving me the gems), and the second them just randomly when I started a run.

9th Jun 2015, 17:45
I am really enjoying it but must admit I am not that good at it though. Just too slow on the reaction times

12th Jun 2015, 17:37
I love Relic run but i keep running into things.. i love the qaud bike though :)

22nd Jun 2015, 21:23
It's an awesome game... but at certain point of gaming experience coins don't matter because diamonds turn to be the major currency... of course it's meant to be this way in order to stimulate in-app purchase, but I'm waiting for an update that introduces new stuff to be unlocked with coins.

23rd Jun 2015, 03:03
Yeah, it would a really great update if you could purchase diamonds with coins.

4th Sep 2015, 18:28
Just discovered the game a few days ago and I love it! Very addictive and a huge nostalgia dose. I am wondering if there are going to be more than the 3 environments though. Because an urban setting might be interesting, but I would rather see something Venice-like. Imagine the speedboat...

It's got to be the most challenging mobile games I've ever played. It's very fast paced, and you're being bombarded with constant visuals. I've got to remember to breathe LOL. I really enjoy the way the gameplay is broken up into sections, like there's the usual running, the combat, then there's the ATV and the wall grapple. That's super fun and keeps things interesting and not nearly as monotonous as other endless runner type games. I really appreciate the transitions that offer a mini-break. It's also pretty amazing that the environments are so packed with different props and obstacles. Really great work!

Main cons would be not all swipe inputs are read. The controls are finicky but once you get a feel for them it makes for a more enjoyable gameplay experience. Learning how the game best accepts swipe directions and how its timing works really takes out the frustration. But you learn by doing so it's a bit painful until you get the hang of things and not all players have that kind of patience.

Still haven't managed to slay the T-rex but I have managed to get 16 relics and unlocked the desert area. Played it a bit and it is much more difficult. I get distracted by looking at all the pretty scenery LOL. The music for both the jungle and desert are incredible (and get stuck in your head). Working my way towards the 150 gems is what the game has turned into. It would be a nice thing to work it so you could put gold towards gems, since you will max out what you can upgrade and what good is gold then?

Free game. Fun, challenging and diverse gameplay. Amazing music and level design. The team did a great job. Thanks devs!