View Full Version : Every cloud has a silver lining

26th May 2015, 18:04

Well, I've been thinking about things I've failed in my story. I don't want to have the best choices possible, for example, I couldn't save Kate (damn you, stupid quotes from Bible!), but if I went back and changed it, I wouldn't be my story anymore. Including not to take a photo in the past. But, in my country we have a saying, whose English equivalent reads "every cloud has a silver lining". I think you know what I mean.

Max saved Kate. She is very confident about her powers and thinks she can do anything she wants. She overuses her power. Wouldn't she make more likely something wrong? Being too confident, and then boom.

Or the photo in the past. You took that photo, but what if Chloe replaced the original photo where is Max and herself by the photo with her dad, just because it's better quality shot? Then the return to the original timeline would be much harder, considering there isn't a photo with you in album.