View Full Version : [ESL] Your Weekly Nosgoth Tournament + Winner News!

26th May 2015, 16:51
At ESL we host a weekly cup for both EU and NA for Nosgoth. Our weekly prizes include Runestones and cash. At the end of the month, we host a Month Final where the top eight from each region compete for even more cash prizes. We are currently on week 9, the last week for this month. Grab a team of four to compete in this week's cup! Good luck and have fun, human slayers!

If you want to read about last week's winners, they can be found here. (http://play.eslgaming.com/nosgoth/global/news/256511/)

EU can sign up here:

NA can sign up here:

For a break down of prizes, please go here. (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog/changes-to-the-esl-nosgoth-beta-cup-series)

Good luck and have fun,

31st May 2015, 06:00

actual sign ups:

EU: 7 Teams
NA: 3 Teams

Place USD
1. $200 + 4x 5,500 Runestones
2. 4x 4,400 Runestones
3. 4x 3,200 Runestones
4. 4x 3,200 Runestones
5.-8. 4x 2,100 Runestones