View Full Version : I'm stuck -spoiler-

25th May 2015, 18:23
Hello everyone, i enjoy that game very much and i congratulate everyone who involved
development process.
However at two whales dinner a scene is " bugged" and i couldn't solve it. After i select whats happened at last thirty seconds. Joyce does same things as i said to Chloe but without cinematics. Chloe still reacts events but after all events get finished Chloe turns, and says "what are you waiting for?" Max says:"I should rewind" then it starts to loop. I think i am the only one who faces such a problem.I re installed ep2 but it didn't solve my problem.
Any ideas ?

26th May 2015, 10:27
It may just be you got one or more of the options wrong. The jukebox one got me my first time. To be clear these are the correct answers:
1. The trucker drops his mug.
2. Cop gets alert ... and his partner leaves without him
3. Justin and Trevor fight ... and Joyce stops them
4. Jukebox goes crazy as cockroach crawls on it

When you get all answers correct, the events will play out in a cutscenes. Make sure you pick these options and let me know if it' still not working for you.