View Full Version : LCRR compatible Android devices?

25th May 2015, 16:14
So it looks like Relic Run is out in the US and UK today. (Yay!) Just tried to download it but apparently it's not compatible with my LG G3. It's a fairly new phone with Android v 5.0.1 installed, and it's strong enough to run TR1 and other games with fairly decent graphics.

Does anyone know where I can find a list of compatible devices or have any tips on making this work? Thanks in advance.

25th May 2015, 17:25
The only info we have for compatibility is what's in the Q&A :hmm:

You're not missing much anyway, it's currently very laggy and crashes a lot for me :(

25th May 2015, 20:05
I've noticed that a lot of games are incompatible with anything other than an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Of course, there are numerous exceptions to this, but it seems most games are optimized for either of the two brands.

25th May 2015, 20:39
It works (somewhat) well on my Motorolo Moto G... It's a relatively outdated phone afaik, so I'm not surprised it stutters occasionally.

25th May 2015, 23:08
Yeah, I've got an S5 and it's running pretty good on it. Gotta love it's description in the Play Store: "Relic Run is an all new adventure for nostalgic Lara Croft fans" lol. At least it's not trying to hide anything with something like: "Relic Run is a bold new take on the classic Tomb Raider experience that will encapsulate and satiate your desires for a modern day classic Tomb Raider".

It's a weird game, man. Not gonna lie, I'm just not digging it. It looks great, the audio is good, but something about it just isn't doing anything for me. But I'm not much of a mobile gamer, so take that for what it's worth. If it wasn't TR or Lara related I wouldn't have tried it for as long as I did (roundabout 3 hours).

That being said tho, I think it's pretty crappy not everyone is getting to experience it. I'm pretty sure I'm a minority in my non-mobile gaming-ness, and I know quite a few folks were looking forward to playing it. Sorry, guys. :(

26th May 2015, 17:40
Not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S2 (I know, but its my work phone) so probably wont run too good on my iPhone 4S either. Any chance of a Surface RT version? Probably not.... :(

EDIT: Downloading on iPhone anyway...

26th May 2015, 18:02
Not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S2 (I know, but its my work phone) so probably wont run too good on my iPhone 4S either. Any chance of a Surface RT version? Probably not.... :(

EDIT: Downloading on iPhone anyway...

Nope. Too laggy to play... :(

27th May 2015, 14:14
There's nothing I despise more than incompatible technology. It's 2015 for crying out loud! Lol. :nut:

29th May 2015, 00:36
Thanks for the feedback, everybody. Still no luck. I know there's lots of different hardware out there, and every app can't possibly run on every device, but I'm really kind of amazed that the LG G3 isn't supported. It's not like it's an obscure phone. It's on most of the top 10 lists for 2014, when LCRR was presumably in development. Guess I should've splurged on the Samsung. ;)

29th May 2015, 00:41
I must admit, when it first came out, I found an apk file and tried it out, it was a bit laggy, but egh. Now that it's on the App store, I deleted it and re-installed it - runs almost perfectly without lag on my iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (work phone).

29th May 2015, 19:52
In the description on the app store it says that the iPad Mini, iPad 4/s are both incompatible with the game and none of my family members use any other device, we're all apple users, so not too sure on anything else, runs perfect on my iPhone 5s though with no lag or crashes.

6th Jun 2015, 00:08
I just got updated to the lollipop operating system, i had to reinstall it, but it is compatible with my Asus memopad 7 ME

10th Jun 2015, 00:36
Hey, all. Just got the OK from Crystal Dynamics to recommend BlueStacks (http://bluestacks.com), an Android emulator for Windows/Mac. It's legal to use (for free apps or apps you have legally purchased) and allows for in-app purchases through the Play Store; however, it please note that it is not officially supported, so there may be some bugs or compatibility issues when playing.

FWIW, I have had no problems playing Relic Run with BlueStacks on my Win 8.1 system. No crashes, no lag. I downloaded the game frmo the Play Store through BlueStacks' interface and have also been able to make in-app purchases using my Google account. Had to get a few extra gems for those really rough runs. ;)

I've been using Fraps to take screenshots, and that also works well, though it helps to start Fraps first, then BlueStacks.