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25th May 2015, 15:30
Weird weather is one thing. Dead birds and sea animals, ok, strange, but not unheard of. But an eclipse when there is none scheduled? This is impossible. It shows us that something is wrong on a literally astronomical scale. It means that the moon is not where it is supposed to be. How can this happen? Well, I suggest the time loop theory, or, as I like to call it, “Groundhog Week”.

At the beginning of the game it’s Friday and the storm is approaching Arcadia Bay. Max gets almost hit and dies, but she jumps back to Monday. She basically adrenaline-rushes her powers, which deletes her memory of the week. She proceeds as seen, messing with the world by rewinding time, which causes the storm on Friday. Why her actions cause the storm I don’t know, but we will probably see in Episodes 4 and 5. Just remember the butterfly effect; a butterfly flapping his wings can cause a storm.

What has this to do with the eclipse? Every time Max uses her power, the ENTIRE EARTH rewinds. There is no way this is just a local effect, otherwise Arcadia Bay would be out of sync with the rest of the world “hella” fast. Yet the moon and the rest of the solar system are not affected. Which leads to the moon being not where it is supposed to be.

But how is it that far off course? The time loop theory says that Max is reliving this week over and over and it always has the same ending. To end the loop, Max will have to let Chloe die and stop altering the timeline. She has gone through the loop many, many times and if, in the end, she decides to let Chloe live again, the loop will just start again. But if she realizes that Chloe’s death will stop the loop and decides to let her die, the storm will not happen.

Sorry for bringing you this structureless brainfart of a theory, I hope you can extrapolate what I’m trying to say.

Tl;dr: Max has been caught in a week-long time loop for some time; she messes with the position of the earth in the solar system by constantly rewinding, which explains the unscheduled eclipse; to end the loop Max will have to let Chloe die and stop using her powers to alternate the timeline, otherwise the storm on Friday is inevitable.

25th May 2015, 16:30
This is pretty much what I'm also thinking of so far (except some minor details).
Anyway I still have some discrepancies on this theory.

The first being Rachel Amber. How does she fit into this whole thing?
I don't think she is Max because this wouldn't make to much sense to me.
We found two files in the principal's office of Rachel and Max. Rachel was born in Long Beach, CA whereas Max was born in Arcadia Bay, OR. They have different hair colors, eye colors and even different parents. So one of them needs to be fake in order to support the Max and Rachel being the same person theory.
I'm pretty sure she is linked to time travel though but not the scale of it.

The second discrepancy is how Max got her powers. I mean there needs to be a higher reason for her getting those powers and if she isn't supposed to save Chloe in the bathroom, why did she discover her powers in this exact moment?
Maybe it was by accident because she already owned those powers before and forgot about them while traveling back to Monday, like you said. So it was just intuition, which isn't affected by the memory loss.

I'll post a theory supporting the time loop but with a slightly different ending today :)

25th May 2015, 16:51
Yes, right, this theory does not really account for Rachel or the reasons for Max's powers. I also don't think Rachel and Max are the same person, because I don't see how that could work. And maybe one of the points of the story is for Max to have the power but learn not to use it, but to grow as a person instead and accept that life sucks? I don't know, I'm just not convinced that there must be some higher reason for her power. Of course there may be and I'm looking forward to read your theory :)

25th May 2015, 17:14
And maybe one of the points of the story is for Max to have the power but learn not to use it, but to grow as a person instead

You kinda spoiled my theory with this one but I'll make sure it's still interesting to read :D
It will contain some screenshots and even videos to proof my thoughts :)