View Full Version : [Game breaking] Non-functional RNG, glitched trophies and the music loop.

25th May 2015, 11:51
Like the title says, the PS4 version of the game is heavily bugged with major game-breaking issues that must be addressed:

-RNG is broken
This means you will always face the same enemies who shall always behave the same way and with the same loot. The attacks also deals a fixed amount of damage.

*You cannot complete the bestiary like this because you cannot physically capture the monsters you need to hunt due the fact you are stuck with the same encounter and it's monsters.

*The battle system is clearly not designed to deal with this flaw and is now stripped of it's complexity and challenge.

*You cannot farm rare items. Dark aeons suffer greatly from this.

*Anything chance-related will not work normally.

-The music loop bug

*The music starts all over again after each battle, forcing the player to listen to the same 5-10seconds of song. This is not game-breaking, but certainly a malfunction that not even the ancient PS2 had.


There are also reports of certain trophies being glitched, but I am less informed about those. Do post about them in the thread for further inform your peers (and SE)

I have also contacted the costumer support and no answer has been given. This doesn't give me confidence that the company will patch it and I am considering getting a refund from amazon. (EDIT: The answer eventually came and is written below. Will wait for that patch.)

I am also aware that there is a thread about the music loop specifically, but I felt we could use a thread about all sort of issues that are ruining the experience for the players.

I really look forward to hear an announcement that the company is aware of these issues and that they will be patched out, otherwise the PS4 version will be remembered as even inferior to the PS2 incarnation.

Should we send another wave of costumer support e-mails to get the point across? I am disappointed that they are not telling us anything about this.

This remaster has two games, are they both affected the same way? So far I've only heard of the FFX side of the story, but I know that FFX-2 too has issues with the music.

26th May 2015, 19:40
-Small update

The support center finally answered:

Thank you for contacting the Square Enix Support Centre.

Thank you for your feedback. We can confirm we are aware of the issues you described. We have passed on your comments and will further look into the matter.

Unfortunately we are not able to inform you when the issue is fixed. The best way is to observe the issue to check when it is fixed.

We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kind regards,

The Square Enix Support Centre team

Them being aware of these major bugs gives me some hope that it will be patched. While we hope in wait, it may perhaps help if more people report the issue. It would point out that these bugs are deal breakers to their loyal costumers.

26th May 2015, 23:22
Yeah, we all hope thez will fix these problems as quick as they can. Lots of people have notice them and are waiting for a patch.

27th May 2015, 21:37
That kind of form letter response makes me believe they aren't going to do anything to solve the issue. Plus, the deafening silence after being called out on it repeatedly in reviews for the game show just how much Square "cares" about their customers.

29th May 2015, 00:42
Not a word from Square-Enix, not even a post or something. My Limited Edition I received from the Square shop is still in its box. I'm seriously thinking to resale it untill it's still have any value...
They talk to update the DEMO of FFXV. I have it and it's only a DEMO!
I'm really disapointed now.

31st May 2015, 14:07
I read about this before I put down money for the PS4 version. I still have the PS3 version, so I'll stick with it until the RNG is patched. However, I have noticed a problem on the PS3 version. Whenever Tidus goes into Overdrive, it's damn near impossible to time the button press correctly. My guess is that when they updated the game to HD, they didn't update the timing on the buttons or something. Thankfully, I rediscovered that I can use the fiend tutorials (where you go into a practice battle with specific fiends) to practice his Overdrive. Basically, I have to press X when the cursor is actually about halfway to the yellow area.

4th Jun 2015, 15:31
When I beat Nemesis the trophy didn't pop. I've tried several times now and still nothing. Is this a common problem and is SE aware of it? I'm hoping if they can patch it I will be able to just go back and do it again and the trophy will pop.

9th Jun 2015, 16:55
I also will not be purchasing the PS4 version until the RNG bug is fixed.

22nd Jun 2015, 13:27
Bump. :(

26th Jun 2015, 05:05
Bump. :(

Don't hold your breath. This game's functionality and continued support, likely isn't very high on their tier of importance. Just have to hope they get it right when FF X / X-2 comes out on PS5. lol

Thankfully I was able to sell mine for nearly what I paid for it. Felt bad selling it, knowing what it is, but I guess this person was a bigger fan of it than me.

26th Jun 2015, 14:22
I am so disgusted that square have not posted anythink about the ps4 problems or a fix or patch the game is broken and worthless to play I love final fantasy x so much I have got it on ps2 ps3 and ps4 and the ps4 which should of been the best version is the worse does not give me much hope for ff7 remake

29th Jun 2015, 13:15

I´m waiting for the patch to play... I think I 'll forget the argument :mad2:

Please, SE, bring out the patch...