View Full Version : is anyone else feeling abit depressed after episode 3?

23rd May 2015, 22:45
this episode has left me feeling really down, ive become so attached to these characters i feel emotional just thinking about them, and ive never experienced that in a video game, apart from maybe the walking dead season 1, but this feels much worse.
it may sound silly but i feel like ive fallen in love with this game.
spending so much time this episode with max and chloe and seeing their relationship develop to a new level has been quite emotional for me.
maybe because im so invested in their characters.
or maybe because ive never had that connection with anyone like max and chloe have with each other and i sorta wish i had that.
anyone else feeling like this? or am i a weirdo with a beardo?

23rd May 2015, 23:04
Weird maybe, but not alone. I know exactly what you're talking about because I feel much the same way and it isn't my first time. I felt the same with The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC and the Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC. Both involved characters that I've known and grown attached to for months and even years and both involve relationships that I am envious of.

I don't really have many friends, and I certainly don't have one like Chloe or Riley or Garrus. But I want that.

24th May 2015, 13:59
oh yeah i felt similar with the last of us left behind aswel, i havnt played mass effect though. anyway its good to know theres someone who understands how i feel. if im being honest i dont have any real friends at all and have never had a relationship, so im alone almost all the time.
so when im playing life is strange and experiencing these guys have such a close relationship, its like im playing out my fantasy, and i wish i could be max and stay with chloe forever. and then the episode finishes and im pulled out of that world and im alone again.

24th May 2015, 14:03
I could almost believe I wrote your post if it weren't for the lack of capitals.

24th May 2015, 18:01
Yeah i was never any good at using capitals. In never know wHerE to pUt thEm