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23rd May 2015, 18:26
I think the last scene of episode 3 was way more than just a dream or a vision, like she had before.
Photos are becoming more and more important and they seem to contain a lot of power for Max.

I'm specially thinking of the 'Max Caulfield Photo Memorial Wall', as she called it.
In my opionion this is way more than just a collection of pictures she took.
Maybe it's even the center of her (future) powers. Let me tell you why.

First, take a look at the picture we see within the first moments of Episode 1:


It's her standing in front of the wall and staring at it.
Then let me show you one of the photos from Episode 5:


It's the same picture again.
As far as I know, the pictures beside the episodes in the menu always showed things that happened within them.
So is it possible that the picture we saw on the desk in the first episode was really taken in episode 5 and is therefor from the future?

Imagine a Max who reversed time over and over again, further and further in the past.
Just to see all the possible outcomes of her changes and find out which is the best for Chloe and her.
She then took a single photo of all those alternate realities (like the one from Chloe and her dad) and put them up on her wall.
Why? To be able to choose the best timeline by jumping in the right photo at the end.

This makes the wall something like an intersection, capable of taking you to every direction you want.
With keeping a picture of the finished wall on her, she would be able to always choose where she can go.

However, something went wrong. She lost her memory of the events she already got through, which is a popular thing for time traveling. Then she ripps the photo of the wall apart in the bathroom, making it impossible to get back to the future. That's why we, the players, have to go through the timeline again and recover the wall.

So not taking the photo in the past scene of episode 3 may result in not being able to choose this alternate timeline at will.

Some critic on my own theory:

Max was not able to get out of the photographs boundaries within episode 3. Maybe her memory was not good enough and with repeating an event, she can get rid of the boundaries. It's also possible that she will be able to do this while learning more about her power, like she did while freezing time on Kate's suicide attempt.

I know this theory is pretty crazy and it may be hard to understand (as english is not my first language) but please tell me what you think of it. I don't want to say it is true but just something that fits quite well in my opinion.
This theory doesn't involve major events (like the tornado, dark room etc) and is therefor only an possible answer to the time traveling aspect.

Thanks for reading


24th May 2015, 12:08
This is pretty obvious i think. That's why I care about those photos more than anyone. However my main stuck point is if she lost her memories in first ep. how does she remember these again? ıf we can focus every photo it means that we actually change anything anytime we want so our choices no more important *brain fries*. I have no clue anymore about anything just i want ep 4 to get some answers.

24th May 2015, 12:50
It may be due to a trauma at the end, capable of erasing her memory.
In my opinion, it's very likely Chloe has to die in order to stop all those events from happening.

If we think about how often Max tried to save her within the first three episodes and probably will within the next episodes,
recognizing she needs to let her die simply breaks her heart and triggers some kind of mental protective mechanism.
Throwing her right back to the beginning without any memory.
She then gets a second chance (current timeline) to process the events once more and being able to accept the unchangebale outcome.

So with this theory Max will remember she already got through all of this at end and recognzie there is no way to save Chloe.
She then has to decide if she is ready to let her die and go on with her own life or go through all of this again trying to desperately save Chloe. (so sad :()

I will make a complete thread to this theory soon, so stay tuned :)

24th May 2015, 17:38
I don't think these photos are from the future but - cool theory. But the fact that the photo memorial wall is (will be) important is obvious. I believe she will use the selfie from the Jefferson's class, where she had the first tornado vision and keep that photo for herself. I am so glad I can talk about this game and develop theories, nobody from my surroundings knows this unique adventure game (except those with whom I played it). BTW sorry for possible grammar mistakes and other faults, English isn't my native language. ° ° :)

24th May 2015, 18:10
Thanks for your reply, it's really cool to talk about theories with fans of LiS.
Makes it a lot easier to wait for episode 4 (but it's still a torture :hmm:)

English isn't my first language either but the most important thing is to understand what someone is trying to say.
Grammar mistakes don't matter to much, but remember NO EMOJI!!! :D

5th Jun 2015, 01:33
It just hit my thoughts and I listened to something they made max say within in the game tht made me rethink this whole thing its exactually like the butterfly effect movie and max needs to find the right point I time where everything is back to normal and than give up her friendship so tht the timeline doesn't mess up the future if u play episode 1 lay on maxs bed shes says how edgar allen poe rights about a dream within a dream mabey max needs to keep moving throughout the photos fixing certain things until the timeline gets put back to normal and chloe is the center finding Rachel is the main priority but if u think about the technicality of this u can rewind time so the original timeline is actually Chloe dyeing by Nathan shooting her but u alter it buy saving her which makes it technically and alternate time line and u change more things throughtout episode 1and 2 what if kate was suppose to die as well my point is this at the end of episode 3 ur in a alternate time line again this tiem chloe is paralayzed and max is the cool kid like Rachel this somewhat supports the dream within a dream theory which again make me go back t the butterfly effect my theory is lall the photos tht max takes mess up the time line because u take potos in dif timeline when u save chloe u take photos throught out all the episodes and at the end of episode 3 after change the photo tht u travel through it messes up the time line again so in my honest opinion the end of the game well prolly be max burning her mural with all her photos and erasing all of the things tht happened after all the photos are the most important thing in the game and seem to have some effect on it

18th Jun 2015, 23:02
Obviously photos play a key part in Max' life. I wouldn't go so far as to say they're endowed with 'power' themselves, though. Rather I see them as 'anchors' in time, as it were: focal points of reference, thru which Max can draw the depicted period near. Also, don't discount that photos are simply a very convenient bearer of history, and perfectly fit to serve as 'conduits' for the depictions therein.

In Ep. 3, that photo in Max' hand began to fade (no doubt indicating the reality therein had become fluid). So, it's really Max doing the time thing, is my point, and the photos are playing a mere supportive role in that, like catylists.