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23rd May 2015, 11:09
We all know that at the end of episode 1 and 2 there were those red binders.

In episode 1 it ended by showing us the name "Rachel" attached on a binder before the screen fades, Then in episode 2 ending we saw the same binders ending in "Rachel's" binder, but then we saw a scene where it was revealed that there was some pills on a table and with some kind of a cutter beside Kate's files on the new "Kate" binder.

My question now is firstly, was it step-douche's files?

In episode 3 though the red binders in the ending were no longer there. If the file belonged to step-douche,

does that explain why the red binders were no longer there? since the ending of episode 3 we are in a different timeline? Because the ending of episode 3 showed David as a bus driver, maybe that's why the red binders in the end were no longer there?

Additional Questions Who is Lynn and Kelly? Those are the other names that have a binders

23rd May 2015, 11:42
Additional Questions Who is Lynn and Kelly? Those are the other names that have a binders

Lynn is the name of Kate's youngest sister and, by way of suggestion - Kelly may well be her older sister's name.

24th May 2015, 13:22
As there are some pills in red binder section it could be nathan's father or himself but clearly i do not think it is david's files, his files about students are either in his pc or in different positions like kate's were on the top of drawer.

24th May 2015, 13:38
Within all my theories, I'm pretty sure these red binders belong to Mr. Jefferson.

They contain pictures of girls he made in the dark room.
("I could frame any one of you in a dark corner, and capture you in a moment of desperation.")

Rachel in the dark room -> Rachel binder
Kate thought she was taken to the emergency room -> Kate binder