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23rd May 2015, 10:27
Hey, how do you think "changing history via photos" works? Does it work only when Max is on the photo? Or also if there is a reflection of her (butterfly photo)? Or is it possible also if Max is the one who took the picture?Because if yes, then we can change our decisions before David found the joint, You can save Kate (if you took the picture of Alyssa... or even let Chloe die (butterfly photo). But I don't think it works this way, because for example if you take the picture of Alyssa, it won't have any consequences. So, I think the first option is right. Then we can alternate our decisions from the moment where Max is in bed with Chloe after the break-in (kiss or not, side with David or Chloe...) - or even let Chloe die (the first selfie in Jefferson's class. So... what do you think?
So... what do you think? I think this is very interesting.

23rd May 2015, 13:31
Max had this power all along. It's called "Replay chapter". :naughty:

24th May 2015, 08:23
I mean when story and consequences force Max to, for example let Chloe die.

24th May 2015, 09:57
I think like what you think and i also think that these photos creates major changes/consequences. like in the end of Ep. 3 but we are likely to use this power to turn back. So we will learned a brand new power.

24th May 2015, 16:41
SPOILERS! (duh...)

BTW, do you think, if Max would use this photo ability and jump to another timeline, would she have things she had in the original timeline before she changed something in the photo? Because it seems to me she is the old, original Max in alternative time and space.

If this is right, imagine: Max realizes she will lose her rewind power and all the changes she made via rewind will be lost, they won't exist. So she will use the selfie from the first Jefferson's class and will give Chloe the gun (or maybe she will frighten Nathan by herself?). This is just an example how powerful this can be.

5th Jun 2015, 01:35
It just hit my thoughts and I listened to something they made max say within in the game tht made me rethink this whole thing its exactually like the butterfly effect movie and max needs to find the right point I time where everything is back to normal and than give up her friendship so tht the timeline doesn't mess up the future if u play episode 1 lay on maxs bed shes says how edgar allen poe rights about a dream within a dream mabey max needs to keep moving throughout the photos fixing certain things until the timeline gets put back to normal and chloe is the center finding Rachel is the main priority but if u think about the technicality of this u can rewind time so the original timeline is actually Chloe dyeing by Nathan shooting her but u alter it buy saving her which makes it technically and alternate time line and u change more things throughtout episode 1and 2 what if kate was suppose to die as well my point is this at the end of episode 3 ur in a alternate time line again this tiem chloe is paralayzed and max is the cool kid like Rachel this somewhat supports the dream within a dream theory which again make me go back t the butterfly effect my theory is lall the photos tht max takes mess up the time line because u take potos in dif timeline when u save chloe u take photos throught out all the episodes and at the end of episode 3 after change the photo tht u travel through it messes up the time line again so in my honest opinion the end of the game well prolly be max burning her mural with all her photos and erasing all of the things tht happened after all the photos are the most important thing in the game and seem to have some effect on it