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22nd May 2015, 09:41
First off.....THAT ENDING DOE o.o i was so not expectiong what happened to Chloe but this opens up many possibilities for rachel amber and kate marsh. But heres what i think. I think your going to find out what happened to kate in the alternate universe and then somehow. Get back to her regular universe. I chose to go to the vortex club so thays why i went woth this yheory. So if anyone wants to ads to this theory please lets get it going. Also wjen you erase the names ofd the list, whos names do you erase? And one more thing do you thonk you will gather info about what happen to kate in eps4 or rachel. Shoot theors to much to think about lol.

26th May 2015, 05:38
I think we're going to find a lot more about Rachel and Kate and all the weird stuff going on in Arcadia Bay in episode 4. I think episode 5 will be focused on trying to fix things and save Arcadia Bay from impending doom.

26th May 2015, 09:31
We're going to the Vortex party one way or the other. Getting on the guest list is just an easy way to get in and make Max feel more welcome. As for erasing names on the guest list, considering I don't know whose names are chosen and that I have nothing against the girl (Courtney) in charge of the list, I chose to leave it alone. Once Episode 4 is out then I can weigh consequences versus benefits.

As for why we'd be at the party in either case, I'm assuming we're investigating a connection between Vortex Club (or at least their parties) and what happened to Rachel and Kate. There is a potential risk here as there are plenty of people with eyes on Max. Since the party is in the evening I assume this happens later in the episode so it might end with something happening to Max. Maybe she will be drugged and taken away to wherever Kate ended up, only hopefully she'll have backup.

The events in the alternate timeline are what will steer our two heroines back on course and restore their faith and their drive. I'm just not sure how it'll play it. For instance, when history was altered and Max returned to present day, she wasn't in her room, she picked up where her alternate self left off. When she jumps back to or restores her own timeline, will she return to when and where she was before or (and this is more likely) will time have passed since she disappeared. That'll give Chloe some serious déj* vu if Max disappears on her like Rachel Amber and no one will know what happened to her.

5th Jun 2015, 00:27
I don't trust 3 people one is not Samuel mabey Samuel is gay gay people do where womens clothing sometimes or just a cross dresser or just kept garbage but he did tell u about spirit animals so he might be a guardian angel u ever notice how u always happen to see tht squirrel evry where u go he said his spirit animal is a squirrel so mabey hes protecting u. the 3 people I don't trust are

1 kate marsh she seems distant as a charcter mabey she went up to the building to make it seem like shes crazy if u save her shes in a hospital doesn't mean she cant still attempt to kill someone with a gun mabey she also has a past well have to find out

2 mr Jefferson he seems awfly content when u blame him in the principals office like he doesn't care about what happen and we don't know what he said to kate to make here cry mabey he was dating her was my theory also he seems alittle full of himself at tiems he also has a tone when they say how everyone has seen kate on the video in the class right before the suicide like he didn't care either

3 Victoria because mabey Rachel also had a thing with Nathan and it looks to me like Victoria and nathan are together hence the scene after episode 2 when nathan comes to Victoria's room mabey Victoria found out and did something to Rachel like lock her in the lighthouse and kidnapped her but the hand with the gun in episode 4 looks like a girls

dave and Nathan seem to me like there working together but mabey to figure out who the culprit is I think dave is a pi imo he always taking pictures of everyone his photos sayas kate knows something and nathan just seems like hes being black mailed by someone so he has to do all the things. he also expresses his love when he sees max dressed in her clothes he has a look on his face like hes happy to see her the other thing tht makes me rule out dave to is he doesn't have key to principals office mabey someone stole it like Rachel who like somoe people say may have time powers like max but mabey is ahead of everyone else and max is cathing up to in all the episodes but slowly

the 1 person tht confuses me is the science teacher shes letting on more than shes suppose to imo and doesn't like dave putting cameras up why? is she hiding something she does know a lot of history about Blackwell and seems awflly suspicious

the principal to me is just a drunk and someone is stealing keys from the personell of the school because in episode 3 u here the principal say when hes at tht building out side which imo is the dark room he says he lost the key and cant get in to himself and forcebly trys but doesn't open it also if daves key to his office was missing

I have three theorys aswell as to wher Rachel is

1 shes locked in the light house since at the end of episode 1 max says they used to run up and down the stairs of it but when u clik on door shes says its locked why if they could go up and down it when they were kids

2 max and Rachel switched places mabey max had the powers before and didn't realize it she does say to Chloe the reason she has her powers is because of her she wouldn't have know unless she saved her so tht tells me she alrdy had them and mabey she switched timelines with rachel and didn't know it

3 Clhoe is actually Rachel after all she did hang ut with frank they both got expelled from the school a yeah there rcords have different gpas to but max did say if chloe actually tried shed be really smart I think chloe is hiding something as well she was originally brunet died her hair and changed her clothes she could've easily pretend to be someone else plus she was alone without max and she takes anti deppresents hence the drugs in her bathroom its an anti deprresent she could've created an alter ego named Rachel amber to be more well liked