View Full Version : Im the only one about that ending/timeline?

21st May 2015, 17:25
Im the only one who is mad about no more punk chloe and the timeline is sooo f**ed up now..? i rather want to see chloe or max die in the game than having this *** timeline i hope in episode 4 we gonna go back somehow.. this is also mean episode 1 and 2 never happened!! just think! only max is the same person! and only with max happened the episode 1 and 2..we forced to do this BUTTERFLY EFFECT!!? WHY? i hope the developes is not following butterflyeffect movie.

21st May 2015, 18:53
I'm pretty sure we can go back in time to the other timeline. I hope so!! Punk Chloe was so damn cool, I want her back... And I don't get the fact that Max is a member of the Vortex Club. I was just like: No way! Want the other timeline

21st May 2015, 20:42
i kind of hope we can't go back. i mean that was a shocking end to an episode, and any game, and if dontnod allow us to go back it will kind of just, i don't know what the word is, but it won't seem as genuine maybe. i mean that is what has happened in the game so it should stay like that. regardless of Max's power. i mean she doesn't know how she went back 5 years, she just did.

just because Chloe is in a wheelchair now doesn't mean she's more unhappy than before. i mean she was pretty unhappy before. she had a smile on her face when we saw her in the wheelchair

although i do wonder where this leaves us in the life is strange world. i suspect it will be too hard to change everything so i suspect we will be allowed to go back to before but that would kind of ruin it a bit for me. i've kind of accepted that these 'choice' games aren't reallyy that affected by your choices, i just love the stories and getting to choose. so making this bit of the story undoable would make it a more memorable game for me

21st May 2015, 21:11
If it stays in this universe though, all our previous choices won't count because all the characters won't even remember what happened. That would ruin it for me. It'd be almost entirely a different game. I'm not opposed to staying in this new world for a little while though, maybe most of ep4.

22nd May 2015, 03:02
We will definitely go back to the original timeline because the main story isn't about Max and Chloe's emotional problems. The focus has been about the disappearance of Rachlel Amber (whom wheelchair Chloe might never have met) and a possible connection with what happened to Kate Marsh, whose fate is also unknown in this new timeline. There's also the mother of all tornados that's supposed to hit in two days time and we're still unclear about the connection between that and Max's power.

As for Chloe, yes, she is smiling, she hasn't seen her best friend in years. But "punk Chloe" also smiled a lot. We saw her for two seconds, and we can't assume to know how she feels about being paralysed from a single look she gave a friend. In my opinion, she suffered a fate worse than death, because she is still alive and unable to live to her full potential, always aware of what she lost. She might even be in constant pain and she'll never be able to look after herself. No, the price for saving William is too high and if we told him about this rewind stuff he'd probably agree. Besides, like Chloe herself said, Max needs a sidekick and Chloe gives her confidence that allows her to break out of her comfort zone and do amazing things.

24th May 2015, 09:53
Well i dont care if chloe is sad or happy but i want back punk chloe :) :)
but if you watch the pictures in the main menu episode selector episode 4 and episode 5 chloe is nowhere only max wich SADLY means? max is alone now in the missions no more chloe punk and max stay in this s****t alternative timeline!??.And whats the reason to find Amber in this timeline anyway? maybe chloe never met her so i dont understand.. I also want to see punk chloe reaction if max told to her she saved william in another timeline... Man, life is starnge was the game i waited HELL, i hyped for the episodes and now its ruined with this episode. OHh WELL the hope its remain for episode 4.

24th May 2015, 14:56
I'm pretty sure Chloe will be back to her old self in episode 4. The end of Episode 3 put my brain into a overload mode. It's hard to comprehend or even to imagine what all changed after Max saved William. The situation between Nathan and Chloe initially triggered her abilities and now that never happened. Did something else make her powers turn on now, or are they still on (=is she still the old her in the new timeline, meaning the past is still reality for her even if it's not for anyone else). And how can Max keep up with all the changes? Confusing. This game is brilliant, the best adventure game since the Longest Journey (which I still have on the original cd-roms in my shelf). <3

5th Jun 2015, 01:31
It just hit my thoughts and I listened to something they made max say within in the game tht made me rethink this whole thing its exactually like the butterfly effect movie and max needs to find the right point I time where everything is back to normal and than give up her friendship so tht the timeline doesn't mess up the future if u play episode 1 lay on maxs bed shes says how edgar allen poe rights about a dream within a dream mabey max needs to keep moving throughout the photos fixing certain things until the timeline gets put back to normal and chloe is the center finding Rachel is the main priority but if u think about the technicality of this u can rewind time so the original timeline is actually Chloe dyeing by Nathan shooting her but u alter it buy saving her which makes it technically and alternate time line and u change more things throughtout episode 1and 2 what if kate was suppose to die as well my point is this at the end of episode 3 ur in a alternate time line again this tiem chloe is paralayzed and max is the cool kid like Rachel this somewhat supports the dream within a dream theory which again make me go back t the butterfly effect my theory is lall the photos tht max takes mess up the time line because u take potos in dif timeline when u save chloe u take photos throught out all the episodes and at the end of episode 3 after change the photo tht u travel through it messes up the time line again so in my honest opinion the end of the game well prolly be max burning her mural with all her photos and erasing all of the things tht happened after all the photos are the most important thing in the game and seem to have some effect on it