View Full Version : Wall climbing, rolling, and button response time.

9th Aug 2014, 04:37
-For wall running for vampires there should be an option to use sprint individually and then use sprint+space to wall run. this wil prevent players from running on walls that they dont want to run on. Im more use to this kinda of like the game warframe.

-For rolling have an option to make the sprint and roll button the same. (hold to sprint, tap to roll)

-Last thing is that I feel like the response times for buttons are kind of slow especially the ability button and rolling after doing an action like shoot. I always have to spam but buttons to do those actions.

9th Aug 2014, 05:38
Actually vampires can't sprint, holding down the traverse button while walking doesn't increase your speed. And I'm not sure but I think its quite hard to realise your second suggestion. For the last part, it might just be a thing you have to adept to, though its not that unresponsive imho. The thing is that there are global cooldowns and a lot of abilities have rather huge wind up/wind down time windows, therefore it might feel unresponsive...