View Full Version : Also want to thank you for this special game

21st May 2015, 10:16
I know you are probably getting lots of these. But after finishing the ep3 I just feel the need to registre and write this.

Thank you for making this game! :worship:

I just want to thank to everybody involved in creation of this game. Not just the developers, but also to anybody who actually approved and paid the developement (I can imagine game as Life is Strange is big nono for most of the publishers. It was probably huge risk approving it. So i really appreciate someone actually gave it a chance). It is amazing captivating experience. Im not sure if it is written and directed by some genius, or if you are just lucky. But so far everything (atmosphere, pacing, mystery, foreshadowing, characters, chlifhangers, soundtrack...) feels just right. And many small details feel like done thoughtfully with greater purpose to drag player deeper into narative.

It is very difficult to describe. Because the game is not groundbraking gameplaywise... but so far it is becoming my favourite "interactive experience" (im little hesitant to call it a game and put it into same category as other mindless AAA titles) and Im loving it. I guess Im not the only one who postponed Witcher 3, because I needed to see your ep3 first. There are many big AAA blockbuster (over)hyped releases. But all of these are just "hit it and quit it". Life is Strange is so far more special and feels like a title that I will remember for a long time. Not just the game itsleft, but also how I felt when playing this.

I also love that you thrown away some cliches and shown, that you can create interactive story without any action QTE, etc. :thumb:

I really hope David Cage is watching and learning :-D how to create game with personality and emotions, that feels really mature.

Wish you great sales, so you can crete more titles like this and prove the word, that not only "space marines" and "dragons" can sell the games. And that games can be considered art.

Thank you once more and please dont end the series in a "Lost" manners :-D

22nd May 2015, 10:59
As another new registree, I'd just like to second this. LiS is a marvelous experience, with a cast of wonderfully human and believable characters and a magical-realism ambience that just draws you in. The story is great in itself, and the fact that I get to interact with it and even change it in some ways makes it just about the most vivid experience I've gotten from a piece of fiction since... well, since I was a great deal younger and less jaded, to be honest. ;)

Thank you greatly for creating such a compelling and endlessly fascinating game!