View Full Version : can't group with under 10

9th Aug 2014, 04:26
For a game that should be promoting people playing together and with friends it's weird I can't play with my friend until they sink 7-8 hours into the game to catch up to me. If they want they should be allowed to enter team deathmatch even if it'll be harder for them if they so choose. Separating out people who are under 10 is great for solo play, or with friends who started at the same time, but the current system hampers new players from joining through word of mouth.

9th Aug 2014, 04:38
I've grouped with my friend that was lvl 1 while I was 20+ with no issues. Granted this was before they added the limitations on players sub lvl 3. You need to be I think, lvl 4 now to be able to play in anything other than the newbie zone now.

It's a good starting place and to be fair.. it's more fair to other players to have your friend get some experience under his belt before you force them to play with the two of you.

1 newbie can make a whole team have to work much harder to win. A little time spent learning the game isn't a bad thing.