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20th May 2015, 16:00
Hello Gentlemen (and lady's ofc) of the Nosgoth community !

i'm at the time 22 years old Finnish gamer , and i came here to serve my thirst of blood and battle. i'm looking for competitive spirited team to tune my skills and gain experience whit teamwork skills, i'm not looking for top tier team , ofc i would gladly accept interviews of thous teams as well if they are interested. We could make one from scratch its all fine for me as long as there is healthy atmosphere of competitiveness!

i Dont have that much time spend in Nosgoth (85h) it self but my competitive game roots follow a long way from CS Franchise , Dota/Dota2 and various mmorpg's like Wow, guild wars , aion , tera, archeage and list goes on..

Nosgoth Statistics From pug games:

Favorite/ Best Classes: Prophet , Deceiver , Reaver and hunter.
All time Accuracy : 41% 55% 45% 38%
average win rate whit pugs : 65 %
Current level in Nosgoth : 34 lvl

''Please keep in mind this is from my newb time as well ( we all got that right :D ? )''

Other Statistics:

Time zone: 2+
availability times : depends when ppl are wanting to play i can change my work shifts accordingly.
Hardware: Intel Xeon 3.30Ghz , GeForce GTX 760 , headsets and mouse ( Duuh ! )
Connection: 20Mbps , solid 17 ping and over 60 fps in game
Languages : Finnish ( Native ) , English ( fluent )

I case you wondering why i go through all this, is because i want ppl to see right away that i'm seriously looking for company to play whit, make new friends and have a blast playing one of the most competitive game !

people whit personality's make the team and high team spirit is always necessary for every victory. that's why i hope you got it too !

Play it cool , friendly and safe Yo all!

Oh Ps. you can find me on link down below !

Acid.Exe --->http://steamcommunity.com/id/AcidExe/

29th May 2015, 20:01
I just signed up for this forumlooking to play more competitively, in private matches and the like. I've done a few already but the players were lacking interest and it eventually died. Add me on steam "deaner" and let's chat. I play every night EAST COAST. from about 9pm -12am. I'd like to play with you, but I'm -4 GMT right now,l meaning you're probably asleep when I begin playing.

1st Jun 2015, 00:56
Hey Deaner, there is many ppl whit same name on steam so its hard to find you. I play also during night time here in finland since i get of from work at midnight or so. if you want some to party whit and play some decent games whit little coordination tell me our steam pic or add me on steam link to my profile is at the post above ;)

- Acid