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20th May 2015, 12:13
same as in older posts.
the game "hang" in loading screens, not a special scene
i happend can happen in all scenes.

for example:
leaving the yunkyard while max i talking -> game freezes at the loading screen
pressing PS-Button and leaving the game -> PS3 did automatically a reboot <- thats not funny

after downloading/installing from EP3 this happend 7 times in EP2 (one playthrough)

example for EP 3:

after the escaping scene (swimmingpool)
the car scene (max and cloe will have a conversation) did crash
first you see the road (the paper on the ground)
hear the car comming but did not see the car (not loaded?)
hear the car comming again (nothing happend on the screen, like freezed, only the sound from the car)
hear the car comming a third time
-- silence ---
at this point it is impossible to leave the game or do something else
no reaction with the "PS-Button" or the reboot "shortcut-button-combo"

turn power off and reboot manually

as i wrote, this can (and do) happen in all scenes while loading (the game did NOT save anything at this point of the game)

i think this is not a "little bug", this can harm my PS3 and thats not funny anymore

i only play Life is Strange on my 1 year old PS3 (i have a ps4 too), no other games are installed/deleted during the release of EP1 and EP3

any ideas whats going on?

maybe its better Dontnod give us a chance to swip the game to the PS4

another Bug (loading of grafics, black) can have the same reason

20th May 2015, 16:48
I have experienced identical problems myself. The curious thing is that everything was fine until episode two was released; my problems started then. I have had loading screens hanging, the black box TV glitch, the game randomly crashing when either playing, or using the journal. I had to restore my own PS3 hoping it would cure the problems but it didn't.

There seems to a major run-time issue at times with this game. And you're quite correct in saying that these crashes are harmful to the system.

22nd May 2015, 16:33

Would you say your PS3 system is particularly old? I will forward this thread on to get looked at to see if we can get something tested

23rd May 2015, 00:24
nope, its new, all updates done :)
today i installed and played "PayDay: The Heist" for several Hours without any Problems
later i played EP3, Girls Dorm for the 1st Picture and have had sound problems (the sound was .. "hacked" .. after loading the scene, but gone well after a few seconds (loading complete, i think) )
sound = backgroundsound and voices

i played it 3 times in collectible mode, no hanging/freezes (yes i'm a noob, i found the picture at the third try)
i think the freezes occour by changing the settings/scene (not leaving the game, but im not sure, have to test it)

27th May 2015, 12:37
Thanks for the additional info - we are looking into it