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20th May 2015, 11:28
Okay, so as you can guess from the title, this thread revolves around Doctor Who. What does it have to do with Life is Strange?


A lot, I would say, and to be honest, the game has some eerie parallels to a certain story arc from DW. And the developers even tell us, which:


anyone found that receipt? Okay, now...who has server you? Amelia Pond. As said in another thread, this is not a common name. It is rather a very uncommon name. Now google that name in conjunction with Doctor Who.
Amelia "Amy" Pond was a companion for quite some time, who had some really bizarre things happening to her and her fiancee Rory. While most of this arc was fun to watch, the whole "silence"-thing got me startled and scared! But what really struck me (and what has a relevance to Life is Strange) is the concept of "constants in time". I know this has been discussed many times, but let me tell you my take on it.

With the seventh season and the 11th Doctor long gone now, I think, I'm not spoilering too much by saying, that there was the time, when the Doctor had to die by the hands of his wife River Song. With River Song refusing to kill the Doctor, all time and space crumbles.
The reason: The Doctor's death was a constant in time, an event that had to happen!

Let me take a step back for a moment.

So, we all recall what Max calls that tornado. She doesn't use the "normal" terms, like "tornado" or "twister". She calls it a vortex. Deliberately? I don't think so. She instinctively knows, that this tornado is not a meteorological, yet real thing (not just a metaphor, as it already had been suggested).

In another thread, I've read, that the vortex seems stronger in the second vision (compared to the first), which was explained with Max continously using her power or "gift".

So, now imagine this:

The tornado is some kind of incarnation of time itself, a "time vortex". A "thing" sent to revert all changes that were made in time. Made by your one and only Max Caulfield. She gets the vision the first time when she receives the gift (assumed that this is what happens at the start of Ep.1) as a warning. "Use your power with caution."

She receives the warning a second time. "Don't overdo it, or the consequences will be fatal!"

While most of the strange things that happen (Snow in October, a solar eclipse) are indeed natural phenomenons (signs of the impact, Max has on nature), the twister is not.
The twister is the consequence of Max altering time to her likeness. Like, saving Kate. Remember the often quoted "butterfly effect"? Well, this is it, on a more timey-wimey base.

So, you may ask, whats with all the destruction you could see in her visions? A time-tornado couldn't destroy a lighthouse, toss around a boat and rip of a banner from school!

Well, you are right on this. But what if that had happened before? I think many of you have the theory that Rachel Amber might also have had the "gift". If this is true, then here's what might have happened:
If this tornado comes from over-using the powers, then why does no one ever recall this happening when Rachel got that power?

As I said, this time tornado will revert all the changes in time that were made by the bearer of the gift. In that case: Rachel Amber. That's why not even Chloe could remember Rachel having that gift!

There are two possibilities, actually:

1. Rachel didn't cause the tornado, because she decided to stop using the gift and run away. In that case, the baton would be passedon to the next candidate, Max (as proposed in aforementioned thread).

2. Rachel did cause the tornado back in her days, and now she is missing, because the tornado either took her, and now she's somewhere between the time lines (a space similiar "the void" in the Whoniverse), or it killed her physically and altered all memories of those who were close to her, thus making them believe she just vanished. As time itself made changes, caused destruction and mayhem, it was easy to revert THESE changes by time itself. Thus, there was indeed destruction caused by the time vortex, that had instantly been reverted right after Rachel was "punished".

But why does this gift exist in the first place? If it is "forbidden" to alter timelines.
Well, as the Doctor said, time indeed can be rewritten. However...some events musn't be rewritten. Or else, there are grave consequences...like what we see at the end of Ep. 3.
Maybe Chloe's death was such a constant, maybe Kate's death was, too.
Maybe this tornado vision is there to warn Max: "Don't change too much, or everyone will suffer!"
And if Rachel really had that gift, she might just have done exactly this: Vanish. She left all of this behind because she was afraid of the consequences, and the gift in the form of the blue butter-fly flew away to its next "victim", poor Max.

Well, that's just a theory, so I would like to hear your objections.

20th May 2015, 11:49
there are many more hints to other series, it's not a big deal with that Doc Who thing :)
if you want to see connections, take the Word "CLEANERS"
in most Movies that means the same as contract Killer

so, don't think to much about little hints, its only for fun

but Big Events like the Ending are not funny!
the complete ending is from "The Butterfly Effekt", a same, not creativ, not new, not original.
i hope Dontnod do the same as in EP1 and 2, ... nothing special
or have somebody an explanation for the snow and the eclipse? no
and was it importent for the following events? not realy, only things to talk, but not important

i think we have to wait for EP 4 and give dontnod a chance to do a better plot (job) as stealing one from "the butterfly effekt"

20th May 2015, 12:07
But still, I believe that this has to do with constants that Max has changed....and now the tornado is the result or the way to "revert" the changes